Dramatic change of pace

CLEMSON - Under new offensive coordinator Chad Morris, Tajh Boyd expects this offseason to be a little bit different than previous years'.


The former five-star quarterback is expected to take over the reigns as starting quarterback this fall.

After a solid fourth quarter in the Meineke Car Care Bowl, believes Boyd has some momentum heading into 2011. But, in three weeks, he'll be learning a brand-new offense.

The following is an edited transcript from Friday's interview with Boyd.

Some of your impressions with coach Morris' offense, based on your conversations and what you might have seen on video?
It's definitely exciting, a real high-energy guy. I really think the tempo of this offense is going to get moving really fast. I just can't wait to get things rolling over here.

How much are you throwing now? Daily? How often?
I throw pretty much every day, me and a few of the guys. We're starting to get these 7on7's going, just trying to get the offense down a little bit. We're supposed to throw today at 2 o'clock. We throw on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So far, it's been pretty good. Like I said, it's an adjustment for everybody. But I think it's something that we can pick up pretty easily.

He said he wants you throwing a lot. Have you done that before, or would that be different?
It'll probably be a little bit different. During last offseason, I threw, but not to the point where it was like I felt like my arm would fall off. It's something that you definitely have to get accustomed to. I'm doing what I can to get ready for this offseason.

How do you feel you fit into this system under coach Morris?
I feel like I fit pretty well. There are a lot of things that I've watched from the Tulsa offense…the best thing the way he implicates with the offense, he exploits all the players and they're abilities. It'll definitely be one of those types of offenses that playmakers get the ball, and get a chance to do something with it.

How much film have you watched, estimated?
Probably about six hours. Not as much as I should. It's in progress. Just trying to find time in my schedule—class has been crazy. We start with all-in drills on Monday. It's going to start picking up more and more. I guess, three weeks from today, is the first spring practice. I definitely have to get it going, because things are going fast. This whole offseason has gone by fast so far, so I definitely try to need to get things moving.

What else do you do besides throwing to build that arm strength?
We're doing a lot of work in the weight room, as far as resistance bands. Core training. I'm wanting to cut a few pounds, just trying to get as mobile as I can for this offense. I'm looking forward to running it.

Does this run contrary to what you've been prepared to do (pro-style versus dual threat)?
I think, actually, it could be a perfect fit, just keeping defenses on the edge. I'm trying to become the most versatile player that I can, to make the offense explosive. Just having that extra threat would make this offense go. As you can see from all the spread teams, just the Oregons, the Auburns. Even like Texas, teams like that. I know he's coached a few guys, like Jevan Sneed and Garrett Gilbert. I got a chance to talk to [Gilbert] on the phone. He said he was one of his favorite coaches. [Morris] and I are building a great relationship already. I've got to meet with him later.

How was the quarterback at Tulsa used last year. Was it like Cam Newton?
He ran some. But it was like a lot of reads. He ran a lot, as far as when he gets down there to the red zone. If we ran it that way, that would be cool, as well. However he wants to use me, that's what I'm going to try to prepare to be.

How much weight have you lost?
I've lost about five, so far. Probably about five to eight more. I actually feel in the best shape that I've been in. Just from a personal standpoint, I'd like to shed a few more.

What were you during the season?
About 230.

Is 220 your target?
Yea, 218, 220, something like that.

How does this offense compare to what you've done in the past?
It's actually similar to the system we ran last year. We went over a few different things of reading things, even the play combinations. Some of them are the same. Definitely different terminology, but a little bit shorter. We're just trying to translate as much as we can, to make it easier for everyone to grasp. As far as reading it goes, it's pretty much the same way. It shouldn't be a problem with that.

What was signing day like for you, seeing all those faxes coming in for all those skill players?
Signing day was great. I was sitting at home, and I noticed when Tony Steward was about to commit. They showed the high school and all the kids doing the Florida State chant. I had to go to meet up with [the team psychologist], so I had to go. I told my brother to text me, to tell me where he went, and he texted me, it was like, Clemson. So I had a little smile on my face. I was definitely surprised by Stephone Anthony, as well. I knew he had a pretty decent time on his visit, but I didn't know how much, because I didn't get a chance to talk to him that much. It's definitely going to be fun. I talked to Mike. Mike called me yesterday—Bellamy. He's definitely a character. It should be fun working with him.

What do you think those guys like Mike, Martavis, Charone and Sammy can add to the offense?
Definitely competition, even with the younger quarterbacks here, the main objective of college is to compete. You always want to stay on top of your game. You never want to get complacent—always having those guys coming in just keeps you on top of your game. If anything, it'll just be great for the team. Some of those guys might be able to make an immediate impact. They're definitely capable. We were over at coach Swinney's house when I was hosting the visit for Sammy. Charone and them were all there. They were playing basketball. I was like, ‘Charone, let me see something.' He just stood underneath the hoop, just vertical and dunked it. That's crazy. I asked Sammy the same thing. He dunked it with two hands. Having those guys won't be too bad out there.

What's the biggest difference with how coach Morris works with his quarterbacks than how coach Napier did?
Coach Napier is definitely a great guy. I just talked to him the other day. Hopefully, things work out for him. I think the way coach Morris runs his quarterbacks. It's more of like a fun spirited, almost like another friend in the room. He's definitely going to be someone that you have fun with, at the same time, learn a lot from him. I'm just trying to be a leader and help the younger guys out, as far as work-outs go, and things like that. We still have to get a feel for him. We'll see how things go in a couple of weeks.

How much did those last two games [last season], getting that type of experience, what'd that do for you as you get set for spring practice?
It definitely gives you a standpoint of where you are at. Especially, with the South Florida game, the way things went at the end of the game, it builds confidence. You feel like you can play. Earlier in the year, I didn't play too much. The main thing, I wanted to get respect from the offensive guys, especially the offensive line. KP's been through some battles. I think it really helped out, and just getting that respect.

What do you think it's going to be like for you at spring practice?
I don't think it'll be too bad, honestly. It really just depends on how much time you put into the film room. If you half it a little bit, you definitely start pressing for time. The time is now. It's definitely something that we've got to get used to. I think we're going to take some things slow, at first. When we pick up, we're going to try to get this thing rolling. It's kind of weird. We're going to be short on players, if you want to put it that way. Even from the receivers—Brandon Clear is still hurt. Andre [is hurt]. It's going to be Rod, Demont and D.J. It'll give those guys a good chance to work and show coaches what they got. It should be a fun spring for everybody.

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