Charlotte OL offered Tuesday

Clemson will host a newly offered offensive lineman from the Queen City for this Saturday's junior day event.

OT Mark Harrell Profile

Mark Harrell plays tight end at Charlotte Catholic, but he's being recruited by Clemson as an offensive lineman.

On Tuesday, he received an offer from the Tigers, one that he's been waiting on for a while.

"They told me that they were going to offer a couple of weeks back," Harrell said. "They just needed the new parts of the coaching staff to confirm everything. They confirmed it today."

The Clemson offer is one that he was happy to receive.

"It's a big-time offer. I'm glad that it's finally official, now. I'm excited about it. I'm excited about going up and visiting with an offer," he said. "This opens more paths. I'm excited about getting up there and learning more about the school."

Harrell last visited Clemson for the South Carolina game last fall. He'll be in Tigertown with his family on Saturday. Several areas will be considered as he visits this weekend.

"How well I mix with the coaches and possibly the players, if they're going to be there. How I feel about the school campus and the environment surrounding it," he said. "I already know it's a really good academic school. I've already looked into that aspect of it. I'm kind of looking for good vibes on the campus, players and staff."

Clemson's offer is one of 12 that Harrell currently claims. Michigan, Notre Dame, Virginia Tech and N.C. State are among those that have already offered.

"I don't have any favorites, as of now," he said. "I like all 12 of them. I'll probably narrow it down relatively soon, to the schools that I'm going to be interested in and learn more about."

Harrell would like to talk with Clemson signees Morgan Roberts and Colton Walls, both of whom hail from Charlotte.

"They play for two rival schools of Catholic," Harrell said. "Hopefully, I'll be able to talk to them to see how they feel about Clemson, kind of get their point of view on it." Top Stories