Frequent visitor back at Clemson

Ninety Six High School junior offensive tackle Oliver Jones spent Friday night in Clemson and stuck around all day Saturday for Junior Day.

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The three-star offensive tackle spoke one-on-one with several Clemson coaches, including head coach Dabo Swinney, offensive line coach Robbie Caldwell, defensive ends coach Marion Hobby and recruiting coordinator Jeff Scott.

"I sat around and talked with coach Caldwell for a while," Jones told CUTigers. "We watched some of the day's practice. They started practice that Friday, so we watched what they were doing in one-on-one drills, the pass protection, going over that."

During much of the basketball game against Virginia Tech, Jones and Scott sat next to one another.

"We just talked. It wasn't really too much into football. It was just talking, basic conversation," Jones said.

With Swinney, "I just spoke with him. It was, like, ‘How are you doing, coach?' And he was glad to have me down, hoped that I had a good time."

Since he's been so busy taking visits over the last several weekends, Jones does not have any plans for trips in the immediate future.

Jones was in Athens to visit Georgia during the last weekend in February. The week before, he was in Columbia checking out South Carolina.

The week prior to the South Carolina visit, Jones visited Clemson for the Florida State game. He was also in Clemson during the last weekend in January.

CUTigers asked about his trips to South Carolina and Georgia.

South Carolina: It was neat to see the baseball stadium. I've wanted to see that. I actually went to Carolina on Thursday to watch them play Tennessee. It was nice to see all the coaches again.

Georgia: I loved it. It was great. I saw a lot of things, I'm not sure if I saw everything, but I saw a lot. I went down there for Dawg Night over the summer, but they hadn't really opened [the new facilities]. I saw some of the older facilities. Those were pretty nice, but compared to the new stuff, it's incredible.

Clemson and South Carolina remain the only two offers for Jones. As he continues to recover from ACL surgery, Jones said coaches from Georgia would like to see him play this fall before offering. Top Stories