The road to recovery

CLEMSON - Andre Ellington was back on the field for the first-time since playing in the 2010 season finale against South Carolina.

The redshirt junior running back tore a ligament and fractured a bone in the bottom of his foot in the fourth quarter of the Boston College game, sat out the next three games and tried to play against South Carolina.

Ellington carried just one time against the Gamecocks before shutting it down for good. He underwent surgery in mid-December and has been on the road to recovery ever since.

On Monday, he ran on solid ground for the first-time since November.

"At first, it was just getting it loose the first time running," Ellington said. "I felt a little worried, but after I got going it felt pretty good."

Most of the running was straight ahead, but Ellington said there was some light stretching and agility work.

His work on the football field will remain limited throughout the rest of spring drills.

"I'm going to sit out the spring," Ellington said. "I'm just trying to get my feet moving, just get my speed built back up. I don't think I'm going to be out there during the spring doing anything physical."

As expected, he dealt with some soreness while meeting with reporters.

"It's sore just all-around. There are still some things I have to work on, just strengthen it back up," Ellington said. "After today, I feel real sore. I'm just going to go get a little ice on it and get it ready for tomorrow."

Since the team doesn't practice on Tuesday, Ellington won't be running on solid ground, only lifting weights. When the team is back on the field for practice on Wednesday, he'll run again.

"Other than the soreness, everything's going up to scale. Actually, it's gone by pretty quick when I think about it," Ellington said. "A couple of months ago I thought I had a long way to go. Now, it seems like it's moving." Top Stories