Wednesday Dabo Swinney comments

Head coach Dabo Swinney talks about the Wednesday's practice, the first fully padded session of the spring workouts.


OPENING STATEMENT: It was a good practice, good to get in pads. The game changes when you put the pads on. It's faster, it's physical. I thought we were a little sloppy today. The speed of it for some of those young guys was the thing that jumped out the most today, to me. Ball security, stuff like that. Had a couple of good, competitive drills. Went live at the end of practice. A lot of teaching we're going to have to do off of this tape, a lot on both sides. I was impressed with our paw drill. I saw some guys get in there and really try to be physical at the point of attack. The young backs ran hard. A couple of guys had to leave early. Bryce [McNeal] and Nuke [Hopkins], and one more. Good day. Good start—a lot of work to do.

KICKING OPERATION: Dawson [Zimmerman], right now, has been working with the first group. Donny McElveen has been working with the second group. Spencer [Benton] and [Chandler] Catanzaro have held for each other, so that's been good. [Phillip] Fajgenbaum has been snapping and Michael Sobeski, a freshman that we found last year from Dorman. He's a good snapper. He's got to get bigger, stronger to be able to block like we want him to. He can really snap the ball well. Dawson's punting the ball well. Kickers have been good. Spencer's done a good job. He's done a good job as the backup punter. This is the first time he's really had the opportunity to be that guy. I've been pretty pleased with him, so far.

INSTALLING THE OFFENSE: We cut back on installation today, which I thought was the right decision. Chad was talking to me about it the other day. We put a lot in the first couple of days. We're really not trying to overload, just trying to get good at what we've got in, and go from there. We're going to do as much as we can in 15 days. Then, we've got a lot of guys that we're going to have to go back and coach off of. We're videoing a lot of installation meetings, which will be very helpful for our guys to be able to go back and watch it. Today, we didn't put quite as much in as we had originally planned, because you've been in shorts for two days. We haven't had that physical element.

GOOD THINGS FROM THE DEFENSE?: The first group up front. [Andre] Branch and Rennie [Moore], and Brandon Thompson and Malliciah [Goodman]. That's a pretty impressive group right there. If you watch our paw drill that was one thing I told those guys. There's a big gap between that group and the rest, as far as the rest. We've got guys that are capable of doing it, just coaching them up, growing them up and doing it the right way, the right kind of technique. Tig Willard, he's another one. He's one of those guys—Kevin [Steele] would probably say the same thing—he's just steadily gotten better. He's at his best, right now, and he should be. That's what you want to see with players, see them get better as they go through their career. He had a good day today. He's had a good three days. Top Stories