Wednesday Dabo Swinney comments

CLEMSON - Head coach Dabo Swinney talks about Wednesday's scrimmage in Death Valley, the final spring practice before break.

Opening statement
It's obvious we've still got a long way to go. First full scrimmage without having situations built into it. Saturday was a controlled situational scrimmage and today was the first time we just got off the field and let them play. I saw a lot of good things, very encouraging things on both sides. Probably the biggest thing right now is that it's March and we're a long way away from being a finished product. We've got a lot of work to do, but again I'm very encouraged. I'm very encouraged by defensive and offensive line on those first groups. Joe [Craig] made a big play today. Tajh [Boyd] had an excellent day. Our linebackers really seem to be coming on and picking things up. Vic Beasley caught my eye today. All those guys are really coming together. Probably our biggest disappointment today was that we did not kick the ball well at all. We had kicked well coming into today, so that was disappointing in that area. But it's good to have a lot of moving parts out there right now. Defense is definitely ahead of the offense, as they should be. They're two years into it, while the offense is seven days into it. At the same time, I saw a lot of good things from the first group in particular as far as them grasping the things we're trying to do and the foundation we're trying to put in place. And as I am evaluating and observing, I'm picturing what it's going to look like and not necessary what it looks like right now. Again, that's because there's a lot of learning still going on. I'm picturing what it will look like when we get all the puzzle pieces put together and after we get the second half of spring and all summer. I'm very encouraged by what I'm seeing.

How was the team's focus today?
There was good focus and good energy today. Maybe not our kickers, they may have been looking past. They've really been kicking the ball well, but they checked out today. We had two new guys that we got in there. I don't even know their names yet but we threw them in there and they kicked well. They just literally got out here today; we found them in our walk-on tryout. They were both 3-for-4 so they were the brightest spot in the kicking game.

We've got a lot of work to do when we get back. We're going to go in and grade it tonight and we'll have a better feel after that. But, I am really encouraged. Some of the young guys aren't ready to win for us yet, but they're on their way. These are guys like [Tavaris] Barnes, [Corey] Crawford, and Beasley that you can't help but notice out there. They're going to be really good.

Dwayne Allen had two touchdowns today and he's had a really good seven days, he and Brandon Ford. I'm very proud of those two guys, and then also Tajh. Tajh has got a good demand, so it's fun to see him run. He's going to be a real factor in making defenses have to defend the width of the field and the length of the field.

Coming back from the break what are some of the things you want them to have accomplished?
I told them in post-practice that they can't not think about what we've done for seven days. So I think the biggest thing is not having to start over. We've got to add to the foundation that we're putting in place right here. They can't just turn it off, they've got to put a little time in. Go back and study so that when they come back they can show the coaches that they want to be good. We want to see that they've done a little homework over Spring break. We've got a little homework to do. They've got to see the big picture. We're not as much result focused right now as we are on just individual performance and focusing on the big picture. We're not as far as I'd like for us to be, but we're making big strides. We've still got a lot to do in 8 practices. Top Stories