Ellington discusses rehab

CLEMSON - Andre Ellington took another step in his rehab on Monday afternoon.

When spring practice continued earlier this week, Andre Ellington was permitted to add cuts to his running. The redshirt junior had been limited to straight ahead sprinting for the first half of spring practice.

On Wednesday, he shared the latest on his recovery after another day of field work.

How was Monday?
Ellington: I didn't do too much because of the weather. The ground was wet. Today was wet, too, so I stayed on the turf a little bit.

How does the it feel today?
Ellington: It's a little sore. It's not the best weather out here. It's sore right now. I'm just going to get into the cold tub. Hopefully, it feels better tomorrow.

Is it a matter of just being patient with it?
Ellington: Just not being able to go out there with the guys, it kind of hurts me a little bit. I know they're working. I want them to know that I'm out there with them, too. I'm just try to rehab and get back.

What do you think about Bruce [Ellington]?
Ellington: I hope he made the best decision. The decision is for him. It's not up to me. It's not up to anyone else but him. I think he made a real good decision.

Is the excitement building, knowing that you're that much closer to getting back on the field?
Ellington: Oh yeah. I want to go faster than I can, but I'm just going to be patient. I've been patient for this long.

What are the doctors telling you about when you're going to be 100 percent?
Ellington: In June. For summer workouts, I'll be 100 percent to go out here and do everything that I need to.

"For summer workouts, I'll be 100 percent to go out here and do everything that I need to." (Roy Philpott)
Is there any concern about losing a bit of explosiveness?
Ellington: Not at all. That's part of my rehab, just to get back to where I was, even better. I'm going to have to work. It's not going to come easy.

What about learning the new offense, how hard does it make it not being out there?
Ellington: It's pretty tough. I'm a guy that learns from participating. I kind of sit back and watch, process all the plays, the signals, what's called. I'll be ready when it's time.

Has Mike Bellamy talked to you?
Ellington: From time to time, yeah. We'll send texts back and forth, to see how he's doing and he'll ask how I'm doing. That's about it.

Have the younger guys asked you for advice?
Ellington: I'm proud of those guys. They're coming along pretty good. [Demont] Buice and [D.J.] Howard, this is their first year of getting to do everything, without being redshirted. [Rod] McDowell, he's coming along. There's still a lot he has to learn, there's still a lot I have to learn. I'm just teaching them what I know.

Rod said you've been like a second coach for him. Is that something you're trying to do, take a leadership role?
Ellington: Yes, because I didn't know a lot when I was coming up. Having a great guy, like C.J. [Spiller] around. He taught me a lot. I'm just trying to do for some the younger guys.

What have you seen out of the offense?
Ellington: It's explosive. I know I have the ability to make a lot of plays in this offense. It's going to be great.

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