The Morris effect on defense

CLEMSON - If Rennie Moore struggles to keep weight on because of the extra running at practice, he knows where to find a good meal.

To keep up with the quick tempo offense that Chad Morris brought to Clemson, Moore reminded reporters that there's plenty of running for the Tigers' defense.

"That offense is moving, baby," he said between breaths after practice last week. "I love it, though, because I'm not going to have to go against them on game days. "They're doing well. They give us good work."

That fast pace might pose as a problem for the redshirt defensive tackle who wants to add weight, not lose it.

"It's going to be a little issue," Moore said. "I can go to the Esso Club, it'll be alright.meat and three."

The pace will ramp up as the offense moves further along. And once Andre Ellington is added to the fold, things will get even more intense.

"They run this misdirection. It's very difficult to keep up with them. When Ellington comes, oh Lord," Moore said. "They've got it going each and every way, confusing you when they're running it, passing it. I love it. It's getting us ready for other teams, too."

There was a time when Dabo Swinney was worried that Moore may not see this day.

"I'm really proud of Rennie Moore, because when I got the job, I wasn't sure that he would make it here two years with me," Swinney said. "If I had been laying odds, I would have laid them hard that he wouldn't be here today.

"That old boy has hung in there, grown up, matured, bought in. He's not a finished product. Everyday we're challenging him.he's one guy that I just hope and pray we'll be able to keep him healthy. When it's all said and done, he's going to be a heck of a finished product."

Moore wouldn't mind if that product is a little bit heftier.

He checked in at 276 last week and believes an extra five to 10 extra pounds aren't out of the question. They just might be tough to come by.

"We're going to be in shape. They run so fast and get things done so fast," Moore said. "If we can key them and get to another offense that's taking their time with pace, we'll bust them in the mouth." Top Stories