Hopper reveals Dawson's plans

Late last week, Clemson picked up its third commitment for the 2012 class when Germone Hopper pulled the trigger. What about his teammate Nick Dawson?

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The Scout.com four-star wide receiver, who's ranked as the No. 28 wide receiver in the class, pledged to head coach Dabo Swinney during his visit to Clemson on Friday afternoon.

Earlier this week, he spoke to CUTigers.com about that commitment.

When you got there on Friday, when did you commit?
Hopper: They gave us a tour. We went to the position meetings. After that, we went to meet with coach Dabo Swinney before they went to practice. That's when I told him that I wanted to commit to Clemson. We were in his office.

How long did you know that you wanted to commit?
Hopper: After we took the tour, I liked it a lot. My mom liked it the tour. I talked to her and I made my decision. My top three were Virginia Tech, North Carolina and Clemson. Clemson was the most affiliated with me out of all those schools calling me. They asked about my mom. Clemson's going to be in the top three, and I'd imagine they'd keep talking to me and everything like that, keep touching base with me. It was going to be Clemson in the end.

When you last visited, you sat down with the offensive coordinator, Chad Morris. How much did that make an impact on how much you like Clemson?
Hopper: That made an impact, because he showed me how they would use me. That's how I'm used to being used. The way I'm going to be used, he told me I could possibly come in and play as a true freshman. He told me that was a big possibility, that I would play as a true freshman.

I took that into consideration. The way they would use me, the 2 position, they would use me on reverses, basically moreover the slot receiver, but he does a little bit more than all the other receivers. That's exactly how I would like to be used.

"I guess he's going to wait it out. His thought process probably has changed over the last couple of days." Germone Hopper on Nick Dawson (pictured above - Scout.com)
Did you get to watch practice on Friday?
Hopper: I saw he was trying to change things up. It's more of a speed offense, something like Oregon runs. It's on that level, on that scale.

You've got your teammate Nick Dawson, have you been talking to him about committing?
Hopper: I guess he's going to wait it out. His thought process probably has changed over the last couple of days. I really haven't talked to him about it, like that. I guess he's probably going to wait it out.

Was there anything else that made it feel right for you with Clemson?
Hopper: When I committed, I knew there was a strong family tradition. I've talked to some alumni. One of the alumni that went there and played football, his name is Brenston Buckner. He's my mentor. He talks to me a lot. He's never altered my decision or anything like that. He's just given me good advice about schools and the recruiting process.

Talking to Clemson alumni, they all loved it as well. They say it's a great program and people down there are nice. It's like a big family. After I committed, they all told me, 'Welcome to the family.' My commitment confirmed it even more.

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