Renewed sense of confidence

CLEMSON - Demont Buice wanted to prove to one person that he could successfully run the football at this level.

The redshirt freshman running back from Gadsden, Ala. carried 18 times for 102 yards and a touchdown for the Orange team in Saturday's Orange and White spring game. His carries, yardage and touchdown were all game-highs.

The production was just what the doctor ordered.

"Coming through the spring, I didn't have much confidence," Buice said. "After this game, I have a little bit of confidence. I actually proved to myself that I could run with it on another level. I didn't get to prove it last year."

Earlier in the spring, Buice told that he needed to loosen up on the field.

"I think too much, now. That's what's [held] me back. I'm thinking too much," he said. "I guess study some more, like I've been doing, so I won't be thinking as much back there."

After spending his first season on campus with a redshirt, this spring, he, Roderick McDowell and D.J. Howard split carries on the first-team offense as Andre Ellington recovered from a foot injury.

"This is a new year, [is] a new season, first-time on the field, really," Buice said. "It's a big opportunity to get any position on the depth chart. Of course, you're going to have Andre at one. It's just a battle for second."

There was a time when some pundits and message board patrons thought Buice wouldn't be in position to compete for carries. The 6-foot, 220-pounder was thought to biding his time before moving to the defensive side of the ball.

Buice never listened to any of that talk.

"I came here to play running back…I don't focus anything on that," he said.

Even after a solid performance in the spring game, Buice knows there's no time to dwell. After all, summer workouts are right around the corner.

"As long as I keep working, we're coming up on summer one," he said. "I'll start working today, after this game." Top Stories