Jones discusses favorites

Oliver Jones, offensive tackle from Ninety Six, S.C., didn't play a single snap during his junior season. He tore his ACL in a pre-season jamboree, and hoping to make a strong comeback.

"I visited Alabama this past weekend," said Oliver Jones. "It was my second visit to Alabama. I went to the Iron Bowl.

"We got there about 10:30 in the morning. We met with coach Rumph. One of the girls took us to the academic center and to the dorms. The dorms were like apartments where the freshmen live.

"After we did that we went back to the scrimmage. After that I went to the offensive meeting. They had a big room for the entire offense to meet. I toured the facilities. After that I met with coach Stoutland and coach Saban.

"They were telling me they like me. They said from what little film they have seen they liked it. They told me what all Alabama has to offer. They said they want to see me more before they can offer. They want me to come to their OL/DL camp in July.

"Hopefully I will be cleared by then. I really want to make it there. I just don't want to push anything before I am ready. I won't be able to participate in spring practice. I am going to attend the camp and send out film as soon as my season starts."

The 6-foot-6, 310-pound lineman has received offers from Clemson and South Carolina. The timeframe or a decision is uncertain at this point.

"I want to wait, but I really don't know when I will decide," Jones said. "I don't know if it will be around the end of the season or late summer. When it hits me and I feel like God is telling me where to go I will make a decision. It's just hard because a lot of these schools have to wait to see me at their camps or at the beginning of the season because of my injury."

Jones has a list of favorites which includes Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and East Carolina.

Alabama: "I really enjoyed everything there. The facilities were great. They are top of the line. I know all the SEC schools are top of the line, but it just seems that everything is bigger and better at Alabama from the players to the facilities."

Clemson: "I like the small town vibe of Clemson. It's a small college town. They have a strong fan base that supports the team. The town is almost like Ninety Six. I just like it's a small town like where I am from."

Georgia: "It's kind of like Clemson as far as the college town, but the feel I get from Georgia is that it's on a little bit bigger scale because they are in the SEC. The fans are crazy about Georgia. I don't know if they are as crazy as Alabama fans though. They are all about 'Roll Tide'. They still have great fans though. I like the coaches, and it's a good college."

North Carolina: "I really like coach Pittman. I like the caliber of players they are bringing in. It's a great college atmosphere. I haven't had too much to judge from them though because I have only visited once. I know they have good facilities. Their team is getting better and better every year."

South Carolina: "I like their coaches and the experience they have. It's an SEC school. You are going to be attracted to SEC schools. It's hard not to be. There are a few players on the team I grew up with like D.J. Swearinger and Kelcy Quarles."

East Carolina: "To be honest I haven't been there at all. I am a big fan of college football period. I just like their team. I always rooted for them. I want to see what they have to offer. I wouldn't say I was a fan, but I did root for them. They are a smaller school, but they can play."

The SEC and ACC have Jones' attention.

"It doesn't matter to me," Jones replied when asked if a preference between the two conferences. "The SEC is attractive, but wherever I can play I want to be the best player I can be. You are going to see good teams every week. You are going to play national championship contenders in both conferences. I am just going to base my decision on where I feel most comfortable." Top Stories