Clemson Football vs. Basketball

Ok, I will confess. Yes I spend countless hours scouring the Internet following recruiting. Yes, I get excited about 4 and 5 star players. And yes, I actually feel tremendous disappointment when any of the above star players opt to go to Tennessee or Florida State. I mean, what the heck are they thinking?

You say I have no life. Hard to argue that. You say I should follow and support the athletic teams at Clemson instead of wasting my life away wondering who will run down the hill in Death Valley next fall. Hard to argue that. You say Clemson fans should support all Clemson teams, not just the football team. Real hard to argue that.

Give me a moment to enlighten you on the reality of the situation. Following football recruiting is a better use of my time than watching Clemson basketball. Here is why.

Money: I pay about $15 a month for Internet service. I get my Internet free at work, but, of course, I would never take time away from my job to browse the Internet and the various recruiting sites. I pay $15 to go see Clemson play basketball. Sometimes I'm even crafty enough to talk one of those scalpers into unloading his tickets for $10. The point is, I get 30 hours Internet time for $15 compared to 2 hours of Clemson basketball for $15. Simple math on this one. Advantage: Football Recruiting

Excitement: Ok, this is a little more difficult to quantify. The feeling of a 5 star recruit saying he loved his visit to Clemson is pretty sweet. Seeing him sign on the dotted line gives you warm fuzzies all over your body. Clemson basketball can be exciting at times, too. Seeing Wil Solomon light up an opponent for 40 points is quite a joy. Watching three lucky Clemson students get a lay-up, a free throw, a three point shot, and a half court shot for the opportunity to win a trip to Jamaica is pretty cool (Note to Clemson Halftime Entertainment this the best you can do?). And, nothing beats having a floor seat while the Rally Cats are performing at halftime. Good seats at Littlejohn are about as easy to get as a speeding ticket on I-85. Advantage: Clemson Basketball because of the Rally Cats.

Success: The beauty of recruiting is that you never really win or lose. If a player opts for another school, you did not want him in the first place. If you get him, there is always somebody that will say he is overrated or he won't qualify academically. The reality of Clemson basketball is that you rarely ever win, and if you do it's against a poor old Southern Conference school. Upside with Clemson basketball, though, is that you help other ACC coaches get fired in the rare event they lose to the Tigers (see Herb Sendek in April). But really, have you ever heard a college coach say he had a bad recruiting year? Nah, didn't think so. Advantage: Football Recruiting

Bottom Line: I like Clemson basketball, I really do. I like Larry Shyatt and I think he is one heck of a nice person. I would love to see the day that Clemson Basketball is something to be proud of. Heck, I'd love to see the day Clemson Basketball can win as many ACC games as it loses. But I'd just as soon sit in my chair at home in front of the computer and read recruiting updates on Jimmy Stud than I would trek over to Littlejohn and watch Clemson lose. You don't have to tell me I'm wrong for feeling that way. I know it already. Advantage: Football Recruiting and my Internet service provider. By the way, have you seen that site talking about the 2002 recruiting prospects?

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