The Best Newspapers In SC

Seems there has been a bit of controversy between a certain South Carolina web site and The State newspaper in the past few weeks. Seems some Gamecock supporters are disappointed in the balance of coverage of their beloved school. I think I even hear the word "boycott" mentioned…

I bit my lip and had an inner chuckle over the whole thing. Paranoia is a bad, bad thing.

So, I started thinking. Which newspapers cover Clemson football the best? Now, by reading this article you have proven to be cyberspace adaptable. Many of you read this wondering why one would even care to buy a newspaper anymore when you can visit almost any newspaper in the country online. Have we lost the need for the paper newspaper that is dropped on our driveways every morning?

Not this guy. While I can be officially dubbed an Internet junkie, I still love to get my newspaper every morning. I love spreading it out on my table while I eat a bowl of cereal. I love trying to make a neat fold as I flip to C-5 to read the rest of the article. Finally, and this sounds goofy, I love the smell of the newspaper.

So, without further ado, which newspaper in this state covers Clemson football the best? The answers cannot always be found in budgets and resources. Here is my top 5.

#5-The Spartanburg Herald

Located over 100 miles from Clemson, it is tough for the Herald to cover extensively the Tigers on a daily basis. Spartanburg also has the Wofford Terriers to give ink time to, and because the Carolina Panthers spend training camp at Wofford, TSH devotes a good amount of ink to the dreadful Panthers.

#4-The Charleston Post and Courier

Again, location is a big negative with these guys. However, Charleston is considered a major city in this state and the budget of The Courier should make this paper better at covering the Tigers. During game week, there are daily articles about the Tigers. Most are generic and don't carry too much good information, but at least there is something to read every day. Game day coverage as well as Sunday coverage lack much bite, however, relegating The Courier at #4.

#3-The Greenville News

It has second largest newspaper market in South Carolina, but The Greenville News is maybe the most disappointing newspaper in the state. While there are daily articles written about the Tigers during game week, and a beat writer assigned to follow all the rumors and speculation during the week, The Greenville News gets a big, fat F when it comes to it's game day edition. In fact, I should say that TGN does not even have a game day edition. It simply shoves the Clemson preview around high school football and Atlanta Braves scores. As a resident of Greenville and a subscriber to TGN, I cannot put into words the disappointment I have in the overall professionalism and quality of their reporting of the Tigers. This newspaper has location, resources, and the budget to do a much better job covering the Tigers. Why it doesn't, I don't know.

#2-The Anderson Independent

Obviously, The Independent has the unique advantage of being 10 minutes from Clemson's campus. But this is supposed to be a small town newspaper. And, in a lot of ways, it is. But not when it comes to covering Clemson football. In fact, not only does The Anderson Independent do a great job of covering the Tigers daily, they also do a more than adequate job of covering the other ACC schools as well. It is sad that this paper can outdo The Greenville News, but it does so at a staggering differential. The only thing The Independent lacks is bite. Very few editorials are critical of Clemson in any way, which tends to create too good of a feel. The Independent writers actually believed Clemson was truly a top 5 team last year when the Tigers started 8-0. While the proximity may be great in getting coverage, it may blind them just a little at times. Overall, though, this is a great source for Clemson football information.

#1-The State

The premier newspaper in the state of South Carolina also serves as the best source of information on Clemson football. Excellent daily reports from beat writers as well as hard-hitting editorials make for a good mix. The State has never shied away from stirring the proverbial pot, which is a good thing when reading about your favorite team. I don't particularly just want to hear all the great things about Clemson football; I want to hear the truth. And, sometimes that hurts. But all true fans want to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly about Clemson football. The State offers all of the above and more on a weekly basis. Where The State excels, however, is in its Saturday Game Day and Sunday editions. Saturday Game Day breaks down just about every conceivable statistic and match up between the Tigers and their opponents. The State even goes so far as to make predictions on what the outcome will be. Sunday's edition is full of large color pictures and a complete wrap up of the game. I continue to find it ironic, and somewhat strange, that both Clemson and South Carolina fans seem to think The State is a "propaganda rag" for the other school.

The bottom line is The State gives, by far, the most comprehensive coverage of Clemson football. And Gamecock fans, forget that boycott. The State gives outstanding coverage of your Garnet and Black boys as well.

So don't fall completely into cyberspace. Newspapers still have their niche with this fan. In fact, turn off your computer right now and go buy a paper today…and enjoy!

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