What To Do About The Young?

Ok...so many of you have children. And, many of you have young children who are, by the grace of God, unable to think selfishly. Mindless to make his or her own decisions about right or wrong, left or right, or up and down. And, you live in your minivan world cohesively with all of the other soccer mom and dads.

And, for the record, I have a beautiful 3-year-old sweetheart of a girl. She is everything I ever wanted or dreamt about. And, I am about 20 days away from having another miracle appear in my world. Taylor wears her orange with pride. And the new arrival will quickly be dressed in Tiger gear for a picture to send to the Orange and White.

What if my children were not Clemson Tigers?

I often ask myself what I would do if my child does not grow up a fan of the greatest university in South Carolina?

Disown? Well, that is a little bit drastic. Hated? Come on, she is my little girl, now isn't' she? Despised? Nope, that is just not going to happen.

But, what is the emotion that goes on if your child does not become a life long Clemson fan? What is the emotion of your child not becoming what you want them to be?

I married into Tarheel Blue (Insert outward laughter now). Now, luckily, most North Carolina Tarheels don't care anything about anything but basketball. If it does not revolve around Michael Jordon or Jerry Stackhouse, then it is not important. That is what makes them tolerable. I've almost completed the conversion process with my wife, even when it comes to Tarheel basketball. But, my daughter has Tarheel Blue in her bloodline, and you never know if it will rear its ugly head in a few years.

Some of you, as Clemson fans, may have jumped ship from your parents. Maybe your folks were Gamecocks, Wolfpack, or Bulldogs. How in the world were you able to see the light and come over to us?

But, many of you grew up Clemson fans because your parents were Clemson fans. They brought you to the games, and over a course of time you became a Tiger. It is probably hard for you to ever imagine not being a Clemson fan. You never really made a decision, you just were a Tiger.

So, what if my children don't become lifelong Clemson fans?

I guess it is just like any of the other decisions your children make during the course of the growing up process. You want your son to be a baseball player, but he likes soccer better. Your daughter does not want to be a golfer, she wants to play volleyball.

Then, one day you wake up, and your son is selling real estate instead of becoming a doctor like you wanted. And your daughter is a teacher instead of being a lawyer like you always envisioned.

Do you love them any less? No way. And, I would imagine, you are not even disappointed. Your children are what they are and will become what they will be and you will be thrilled nonetheless.

However, I would imagine the day your daughter comes home and tells you she is going to the University of South Carolina is a little tough. When she comes home for the first time with a Gamecock sweatshirt on puts a lump in your throat. When she shows up for the Clemson/Carolina game decked in garnet and black you surely break out in a cold sweat. And the first time she gloats over a Gamecock win versus the Tigers will be heartbreaking…

But, she is still your daughter and you love her with all your heart.

Even if she is making the worst decision of her life!

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