Destefano wants more

SPARTANBURG - Patrick Destefano, the top-rated prospect at the Shrine Bowl of the Carolinas combine at Spartanburg High School, was far from pleased with his performance on Saturday.

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In fact, he was downright pissed off.

"I didn't have a good showing in my eyes…I didn't have a good day. That's all on me. I'm not blaming it on anybody. I'm blaming it on myself," he said. "I take it to heart. This is my life. I'm about to go to college for it. It just shows that in a week in a half, I've got to go hammer down. I've got to get some stuff done."

Destefano, who was measured at 6-foot-5, 279 pounds, was upset with his time in the 40-yard dash (5.32). His performance in position drills didn't meet his lofty standards.

"People told me I did good on the o-line drills. I don't want to be good. It sounds cocky, but great beats good. I don't want to be good. I want to be great," he said.

According Mike Lancaster, who coaches the offensive line at Dorman and is serving as the position coach on this year's South Carolina team, that's par for the course with Destefano.

"He's such a competitor," Lancaster said. "He wants to be the best at everything. So, if he doesn't feel like it's up to his standards, then he's going to be upset. That's a great quality to have. He's a perfectionist and wants to be great at everything.

"If he feels like it's maybe not up to what he's done in the past, he's going to be a little frustrated with himself." ranks Destefano as the No. 8 prospect among all offensive guards in the nation's 2012 class. He's the second-highest rated prospect in the state and his star rating was recently bumped from three to four.

"He's just one of those that doesn't come along every day. He's a super tough competitor. He works hard in the weight room. He's there before anybody else and leaves after everybody's gone," Lancaster said. "There [have] been many days when I'll leave the office in the offseason, he's had a 90-minute class of weight training—he's still out there honing his craft."

The hard work has led to an influx of offers from all across the country.

Even with all the attention from college recruiters, Destefano hopes to have his name included among those who've suited up for the game that pits North Carolina and South Carolina's best players at the end of every football season.

"It's the oldest all-star game in America. Knowing that 74 other groups of guys have preceded me—ones I know and ones I don't know—just representing them and my community, it would be a huge honor," he said. Top Stories