Vactions are a Dream

I vacationed last week in the middle of nowhere at Fripp Island, South Carolina. I played golf, frolicked on the beach with my children, and ate seafood that can make your mouth water even thinking about it. And like all good vacations, I left the real world behind with no trouble at all.

Left at home were laptops, Internet access, and cable television. It was just like a time warp back to the "good old days".

I did not think of Rod Gardner's immaculate reception vs. the Gamecocks. Nor did I think about the fingernails I bit off waiting for Aaron Hunt to kick that beautiful field goal.

I did not think of Gaffneygate, Becky Bowman, or the Compliance Department. It never even crossed my mind while on vacation that Tommy Bowden would be unhappy enough to leave Clemson.

I did not think of Michael Vick running wild in the Gator Bowl. Nor did I think of all those miles I traveled to Jacksonville with the delusion that Clemson actually had a chance to win that game.

I did not think of Roscoe Crosby and all the touchdowns he is going to score for the Tigers this year. I did not think of those few signees that have not yet made the test scores to attend Clemson in the fall. I did not even think of all those rivals who take glee in the fact that some 17 year old will not qualify to go to college and get a great education.

I did not think of Georgia Tech and the fact that the Jackets have beaten the Tigers four years in a row. And I did not think of that huge trip to Atlanta this year that could map the course of success for this season.

I did not think of recruiting, nor did I wonder how many offensive lineman Clemson will sign this year.

And, most of all, I did not think about the Internet. I did not have one desire to check my email, check the Cutigers message board, or even for one second keep up with what was going on in the world of sports. Clemson University could have imploded and raised tuition by 40% and I would have never known it.

And, it was nice.

It is nice to know that as much as I love sports and as much as I love Clemson, I can do without it. We construe the day-to-day ups and downs as life or death. We see and hear of the small undulations of the good and bad times and blow them way out of proportion.

You go away for a week and the world does not stop spinning. I'm sure while I was laying on the beach many of you were scouring the Internet to find the inside scoop on something as mundane as the Compliance Department or whether Tommy Bowden was happy at Clemson.

So, I decide on my drive home that I'm going to chill a little on the message boards. I am only going to check my email once a day. And, I will not get caught up in the day-to-day bloodbath that is our Internet community.

I pull into the driveway with my new attitude on life. I unpack the car, settle the kids, and eat a nice home cooked meal. Then, as I am preparing to sleep in my own bed for the first time in a week, I see my computer.

At that point all the silly dreams concocted on the beach went flying away. I booted up, logged on, checked my email, scrolled through three days of message board posts, and read every article I could find on Clemson.

Ahh, it's nice to be home.

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