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NORTH AUGUSTA - In the short history of Fox Creek High School, no other player has garnered the type of recruiting interest like Marty Williams has seen.

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The charter school, which opened in 2004, started with 13 teachers and close to 100 students in a renovated video poker casino just north of Interstate 20. The school had a new $5.9 million home five years later.

On the football field, Fox Creek won only a small handful of games before 2010. The Predators won eight and advanced to the second round of the 1-A state playoffs last fall.

Williams played a big part in that success, and he's emerged as one of the state's top 2012 prospects.

Before he became a hot commodity on the recruiting trail, Williams had already taken an interest in recruiting.

"I was always into that, guys getting ready to sign to colleges. I've always been into that type of stuff," he told CUTigers.com on Monday. "It's just crazy seeing myself in that same position."

The rising senior has a hard time believing that he's going through that same experience.

"Sometimes at night when I'm lying in bed I think about it. I realized it's a huge deal, to determine how my life's going to be," he said.

Right now, one school is in the driver's seat.

"Clemson is my number one so far," Williams said. "I haven't really taken time think about other colleges. I haven't really been anywhere to visit or taken my time to really talk to the coaches, except Clemson."

He received an offer from the Tigers while visiting for a junior day function in March when he met with head coach Dabo Swinney, who formally extended the offer.

"The atmosphere down there with the people and the Clemson football team," Williams said. "I got to go into the locker room with the football team. The guys seem to have that brotherly love. They all bonded well with each other. The coaches there are great. It's just a great place to be."

"Clemson is my number one so far," Williams said. "I haven't really taken time think about other colleges." (Hale McGranahan)
Since that first visit, he's been back three times. Also this spring, Williams attended a junior day event at Georgia earlier this spring.

"I really talked to the head coach, Mark Richt. He seems like a great guy. I really talked to the conditioning and strength coach. He took time to actually talk to us about what they do there," he said.

Fox Creek head coach Russ Schneider makes no bones about his college football allegiance, but the interest of his players take priority.

"I look out for our kids like they're my own. We're a pretty tight group. I only care about one thing, and that's them graduating. I'm a Georgia fan, but I can wear orange for four years. It doesn't matter to me," he said. "It's about [Williams] and his family. When I met coach [Dabo] Swinney for the first time, I was blown away at what kind of guy he is. He's incredible. And [defensive backs coach Charlie Harbison]—that whole group.

"It fits the way we kind of are here, as far as their closeness…there's just a closeness there that I haven't seen at other places. That's the way Marty is. That's what I think he'll like—a small town. It's a small town here. I can't see him going anywhere in a big city. That's going to be up to him. I think they're going to be tough to beat."

Along with a visit from Harbison, Miami and Georgia Tech also stopped by last week. N.C. State, Wake Forest and East Carolina are scheduled visit later this month.

Williams currently holds offers from Clemson, Arkansas and N.C. State. The Wolfpack recently offered over the phone.

Arkansas and Georgia are evaluating Williams as a running back. Clemson views him as a defensive back. Georgia Tech likes him as a quarterback.

Williams plays quarterback at Fox Creek, in addition to his duties on the defensive side of the ball. As a junior, he rushed 1,980 yards and 23 touchdowns and threw for 650 yards. He added 48 tackles, three interceptions and three forced fumbles on defense.

"I work hard at every position I play in high school, so there isn't really a position that I really want to play," Williams said. "I love having control over the ball, other than actually going after the ball."

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