Morris heads north to Buffalo

Clemson offensive coordinator Chad Morris flew to Buffalo, N.Y. on Tuesday for a Wednesday morning visit to St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute.

QB Chad Kelly Profile

Morris made the trek up north to check in on junior quarterback Chad Kelly, the nephew of NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly.

Before his visit, Morris told the three-star that he didn't need to watch him throw on Wednesday.

"He told me earlier, ‘We don't need to see what you can do. We know you're our guy.' Nothing more had to be said," Kelly told on Wednesday.

Morris was at the school first thing in the morning.

"I was working out this morning at our school, at 7:15. I was actually going down the hall and he ended up being right there, so it was kind of funny," Kelly said. "He talked with my coach, my athletic director, my principal, my counselor. He got the whole taste of Buffalo in my school, that's for sure. He came in last night."

The No. 40 ranked quarterback was happy to have Morris roaming the halls of his school.

"He's a cool guy. I like him as a coach and a friend, too. I love getting on the phone with him, too, and just talking about life," Kelly said.

North Carolina, Rutgers, Maryland, Duke, Buffalo and Syracuse have already visited. Tennessee, Notre Dame and Michigan will be by later this week.

Kelly visited Michigan, Michigan State and Purdue last weekend.

"It was good…it was a good feel to get a taste of what the Big Ten is like, since most of these conferences aren't the Big Ten," he said. "It was good getting to check out everything. I really liked them all."

His trip for the Orange and White spring game at Clemson set the standard.

"They're still at the top. They're very high up there," Kelly said.

He'll head to Syracuse next week and Alabama sometime in the summer. There could be visits to other schools, too.

"I'd really like to take a few other ones, not really sure of the ones yet, but a few other ones would be ideal, to just get a feel for everything," Kelly said. "We'll just have to wait and see what other colleges come up here and give me an offer. I'm just checking everything out, for now."

What's time timetable for a decision?

"It could two months. It could be six months," he said. "I really just want to check out as many colleges as I can, to not have the feeling going into a college, do I really want to be here?"

As a junior, Kelly threw for 2.159 yards and 25 touchdowns. He also rushed for 1,057 and 14 touchdowns. Top Stories