Spring Practice Report - Monday April 6, 2001

Monday's practice was marked by a visit from former Kentucky head coach Hal Mumme, who spent almost 2 hours Monday chatting with Tommy Bowden about the wide-open passing principles Mumme employed on offense in Lexington.

Although I didn't have much time to spend at practice, I was also able to witness another solid receiving performance by Derrick Hamilton. The staff seems intent on getting the ball in his hands on some designed dump-off plays to take advantage of his elusive moves. Jackie Robinson and Kevin Youngblood continued to practice like they have throughout the spring, where they make several great catches and drop one or two that they shouldn't.

Todd McClinton continues to show progress, as he made several really nice catches today and showed why he's going to be a nightmare for opposing safeties whose job it will be to tackle him in the open field.

Donnell Washington showed a little progress along the defensive line, one time earning a sack from pressure up the middle. On another play, he provided solid pressure, yet seemed to stop dead right as he within an arm's reach of the quarterback, causing coach Thielen Smith the really give him an earful.

After practice, both the offense and the defense had to do the "circle of death," a drill where each player has a turn where he gets in the middle of the circle and the coaches tell how many times the player "loafed" throughout the course of the practice, and the rest of the team has to do an "up-down," what is commonly referred to as jogging in place and then falling on the belly where the coaches blow the whistle, then popping back up as fast as you can. It is extremely tiring and agonizing just to watch.
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