Harbison, Tigers offer Memphis DB

Late last week, Clemson moved into firm contention with one of the top athletes in Tennessee when an offer was made by defensive backs coach Charlie Harbison.

CB Will Redmond Profile

Defensive tackles coach Dan Brooks had been by East High School in Memphis to check up on rising senior Will Redmond.

"My coach told me the week before; I think it was Saturday, that Clemson was really interested," Redmond told CUTigers.com over the weekend. "He came to the school to check me out. I didn't know he was coming."

That night, Brooks called and the news was delivered.

"He told me he was real interested and asked how I would feel about running down the hill and rubbing that rock. I was real excited. I didn't know he was going to offer me," Redmond said. "Later on that night, when I talked to him and said I had a full scholarship to Clemson. I was real excited.

"He talked to my mom. No coach ever did talk to my mom or ask about her, so that put Clemson real high on my list."

Might a trip to Tigertown be up next?

"I told my mom I want to go down there at the end of May or early June," Redmond said.

The 6-foot, 176-pound defensive back is well aware of the Clemson football program. He still has to learn about the other side of the coin, too.

"I don't know about the school itself. Football-wise, I know a lot. About the school, I just don't know a lot," he said. "I like C.J. Spiller a lot and their two running backs."

Where does Clemson rank among his favorites?

"Favorites, I won't say, but Clemson is one of those schools," he said.

The Tigers' coaching staff sees Redmond as a player that fits into the same mold as Marcus Gilchrist did during his tenure.

"They said I remind them of a player that played a little bit of free and a little bit of a corner—pretty much a rover on their defense," Redmond said.

As a junior at Manassas High School, Redmond passed for 1,856 yards and rushed for 1,852 yards last season.

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