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NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. - talks with Fox Creek High School head coach Russ Schneider about rising senior athlete Marty Williams.

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Early last week, Williams and Schneider both sat down with for the first on location feature of the year.

The following is an edited transcript of the interview with Schneider, Williams' head coach.

What kind of a player has Marty been for you on the field? Judging from his film, probably a pretty good one?
Schneider: This is what I tell everybody, he's a better kid than he is a player. He's a yes sir, no sir. He does everything we ask him to do. He loves football. He loves the school. He loves his teammates. As a matter of fact, when people come to interview him he gets upset. ‘Let them interview somebody else.' A lot of times they want to talk to Marty. He wants his teammates to get interviewed. He's very unselfish.

His leadership, a lot of guys look up to him, especially now, because of what he's doing. You couldn't have a better kid to coach, as far as doing what you want him to do. He understands our system. He understands what I want from him, and our other coaches. We all have the same goal in mind. We've never had any discipline problem. Teacher love him. He's kind of that face of the school.

So this is your first experience having a big-time prospect?
Schneider: As a head coach (yes). I was over at North Augusta when Reggie Merriweather was there. C.J. Byrd, he went on to Georgia. As far as a head coach, yes. This is the first time I've gotten to experience this as a head coach.

This is a pretty big deal for the school then, this being its first big-time prospect?
Schneider: I don't even think Marty realizes how big this is. He's a good country boy that's pretty laid back. He's so humble. The funny thing, everybody that recruits him wants him to play a different position. Clemson wants him to play d-back. Georgia Tech wants him at quarterback. Miami wants him at running back. Arkansas offered as a running back. N.C. State, they're supposed to be down. Everybody's recruiting him for different positions. He can do anything.

Where do you think he'd be best suited at the next level?
Schneider: I think he would be best at running back. I think him running the ball. If you're running something like Tech's running, I think he'd be good at quarterback. You're also going to get hit a lot, too. He can take a pounding. If you see his film, he doesn't turn away from contact. He kind of looks for it. I would think running back would be his best spot.

You will likely do a little bit of everything with him, right?
Schneider: Yep. We do a little wing-t, get into shotgun and run some zone read. This year we're going to run a little more option of the shotgun, and some things like that. We've got him one more year.

At point during his career did you see him and think, ‘This guy has a chance to be a pretty good player.'?
Schneider: His sophomore year, we thought he was going to be pretty good. We knew he was going to be a player. In tenth grade, I thought he could go play at a small college, for sure. Last year, he just grew and got so strong and so fast…this year, I just knew it was a matter of time. I didn't know he was going to be recruited as big as it's gotten, but I look at his stuff compared to other people's film. Everybody wonders what he could do in 4-A. He's just a beast. In our region, you've got to the Jeffery brothers, Kendric Salley and Dexter Staley…he's surrounded by playing good athletes. Top Stories