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MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. - talks with Wando High School head coach Jimmy Noonan about four-star defensive end Gimel President.

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The last-time Clemson went to Wando, the Tigers mined offensive tackle Barry Richardson. Now, Richardson is the starting right tackle for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Clemson sits among several schools that are in pursuit of four-star defensive end Gimel President.

The following is an interview with Noonan:

Gimel seems to be a pretty soft-spoken guy. Is that a safe assessment?
Noonan: He is. Gimel is very soft-spoken. He's a very good kid. Very conscientious. He's kind of reserved in that regard. He's not a flamboyant kid. He just goes about his business. If he's not here at school, he's at home working on school. He's really worked hard. He was behind early on, academically. He's worked hard to make himself recruitable in that area. I guess everybody that has offered, from an athletic standpoint, I think he's pretty much met their standards academically as well.

On the field, I imagine his reserved personality doesn't carryover?
Noonan: No, heck no. He's got a pretty good light switch. He cuts it on and cuts it off. Most everybody that has been here to eyeball him--that's been everybody's last question mark--how tall is he? He's every bit of 6-3 and he's every bit of 252 pounds. What they do see, they see his long arms. They see that high rear end and long legs. He's 6-3, but his body plays about a 6-6, because he has those long arms. He's a very, very explosive kid. He's got a 330-pound power cleaner, right now, as a junior. He's only going to get stronger in that area. He's got the strongest power clean that I've coached, at this stage of the game.

Gimel has got all of the tools. He's got a great first step, is explosive. If anything, at the next level, he's going to need to learn those hands. We've got to break those hips down and get him to play low. In our schemes, we're mostly moving, or slanting and re-directing. He's got the athletic ability. He moves well, very well. He's a legitimate low 4.6, upper 4.5 [40-yard dash] on our track. That‘s tremendous for a guy that's 252 pounds and has the stature that he has.

How long have you been with him as the coach here at Wando?
Noonan: This will be the second full season. Basically, I've known Gimel from the time he's been here, and seen him blossom. He was a kid trying to balance two sports. He finally figured where his bread's going to be buttered. He focused in and worked hard in the offseason. He's become physically ready for division one football. Top Stories