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2011 signee Spencer Region is going through his own personal two-a-days as he prepares for his arrival on campus next month.

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Now, about a month before he's scheduled to report to Clemson, the three-star is trying to cut some of those pounds off his frame.

"Coach [Joey] Batson just has me lifting, just staying strong, maintaining my strength, of course. All of that," Region told "Also, trying to lean up a little bit. I'm pretty athletic at 350 pounds. They want to see what I can do at the 330-325 range."

Region said the 325-330 range is his goal for the fall.

"I'm going to see what I can do here in this last month. I'm training at D-1 everyday, two-a-days," he said. "I'm just going hard. My main goal, of course, is to keep doing what I'm doing, keep losing weight, just get ready for Clemson--hopefully compete for a job. If I don't, just learn from there."

Offensive coordinator Chad Morris and offensive line coach Robbie Caldwell haven't sat down with region to talk about a specific position. Region did say Morris has floated the idea of playing tackle.

"It really all depends on what weight I come in at," Region said. "They've seen my highlight film at 350 pounds. They say I'm real athletic. At Cullman, we ran a fast-style offense, snapping the ball every 15 seconds. They know I can do that."

With so many veterans returning to the offensive line, Region won't arrive to Clemson expecting to play right away. But he does look forward to competing for a role.

"I'm excited to learn behind Antoine McClain and Dalton Freeman, Kalon Davis, David Smith and everybody. I feel like it's going to be a great experience," Region said. "I feel that I can compete for a job. Hopefully, I can win it. If I don't, I'm not going to sulk about it. If they're better than me, they're better than me."

Region, who's already finished with classes and exams, graduated from Cullman Senior High School last Friday.

He is scheduled to report to Clemson on July 3.

Region comes to Clemson as's No. 19 ranked offensive guard in the 2011 recruiting class. Top Stories