Blanks talks more about commitment

Clemson's most recent addition to the 2012 class, four-star safety Travis Blanks, spoke with about his Friday commitment to the Tigers.

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Blanks' visit to Clemson began on Tuesday morning and ended on Thursday afternoon. By Friday evening, he was committed, making him the third defensive back commitment to the Tigers in as many days.

Prior to the camp stay, the nation's No. 9 safety had visited Clemson twice. His first trip came in the fall for the Miami game before he returned to Tigertown in January for the first Junior Day of the year.

Clemson recruiting coordinator/wide receivers coach Jeff Scott serves as Blanks' primary recruiter for the Tigers.

The following is a transcript of the interview with Blanks.

Why'd you time the commitment like you did?
Blanks: There was really no set time to it. That's just when I felt comfortable doing it.

What led you to committing to Clemson? Was there one thing in particular that had you want to commit?
Blanks: There was not one set thing. The main thing is the relationships that I have with the coaches. I have pretty good relationships and I feel comfortable around those guys.

How about your three days in Clemson? How was that experience?
Blanks: Just hanging around the guys and seeing how I felt around them. I learned a lot more about them. That was the best part about that. I didn't just go for one day and leave.

When it comes to camps, sometimes prospects of your caliber and star-rating don't always participate in drills. You did. What made you want to go out there and compete like you did?
Blanks: That's just who I am. It doesn't matter how highly rated I am, or whatever. I just like to compete. I don't really pay attention to the rating and all that type stuff.

What did you think of some of those wide receivers that you were out there manned up on?
Blanks: A lot of them have a lot of potential. It was pretty good. I got some good in, for sure.

Do you have any other plans for visits or camps this summer?
Blanks: I'm going to TCU, and that's the only trip. I'm going July 14.

You visited Georgia after the Clemson camp, before you went home?
Blanks: Yes I did.

What did you do there?
Blanks: I went and talked to the coaches. Really, that's about it.

How about a return trip to Clemson?
Blanks: I'm not sure yet. Top Stories