Nelson Suffers Hamstring Injury

Maurice Nelson, one of the Tigers' top recruits in the 2003 class, suffered a minor injury this past weekend at the state strength meet. Crestwood assistant coach Brian Jackson fills us in on the latest with Nelson in this extensive report.

Maurice Nelson suffered a minor hamstring injury this past weekend at the state strength meet.

"On his second trial in the 40-yard dash he overstrided and felt a pull on his right leg," said Crestwood assistant coach Brian Jackson. "I took him out of the event since he was leading everyone anyhow with a 4.6."

"We took him in to warm up on squat and he only went to 315 and he said it felt okay. He lowered his opener from 500 pounds to a safer 425, and when he tried, he went down easy, then as he was coming up, felt it pop and dropped the weight," added Jackson. "His day was over. There was no need in making a small injury last into the summer conditioning season for the Tigers."

Coach Jackson added that he talked to him today, and that Nelson says it feels good except for when he pushes off from sprint start. He'll rehab for a few weeks and start pushing a little more after graduation later in May.

In other words, he should be fine in plenty of time before his arrival at Clemson with the rest of the incoming freshmen later this summer. Top Stories