Geohaghan discusses Aiken

HOPKINS, S.C. - Since Ronald Geohaghan committed to Clemson on June 9, five more have come on board with the Tigers' 2012 class.

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The four-star safety from Allendale-Fairfax High School made his commitment to Clemson on June 9, his most recent visit to Clemson. Geohaghan became the fifth prospect to commit to the Tigers' 2012 class.

While at Lower Richland High School on Saturday to support a few teammates participating in the MVP Camp, Geohaghan spoke with about a variety of topics.

Below is a transcript of that interview.

So now that you're committed to Clemson, what's it been like the last couple of weeks with it all behind you?
Geohaghan: It's all great. A lot of the fans are welcoming me to the family. That's the thing I really like about Clemson, it's a great family feel. I just feel at home.

What about people that are South Carolina fans, maybe some of your friends?
Geohaghan: They thought I was going to go to Carolina in the beginning. I guess they were kind of upset at the end when they chose Clemson?

When you're out at events like that, are you giving your recruiting pitch to anyone?
Geohaghan: I was talking to Jay Jay McCullough. He knows it's a great school also, because he's been on numerous visits there. I just tell him, ‘Do what's best for you.'

What's the best part of having the commitment behind you now?
Geohaghan: I feel like I can focus more on my senior season, helping my team get better on the defensive side of the ball, also to get stronger in the weight room and faster.

I was talking to Jay Jay McCullough. He knows it's a great school also, because he's been on numerous visits there. I just tell him, ‘Do what's best for you.' (Hale McGranahan)
What else do you have going on this summer?
Geohaghan: I have the USA Outdoor Championships [track] this weekend. I'm leaving Thursday. It's in Myrtle Beach.

Who will be competing at the meet?
Geohaghan:Some track clubs from Los Angeles and New York—all the elite teams from Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, basically the whole country.

What are your expectations for your senior season?
Geohaghan: The expectations are really high. Coach [Eddie] Ford has high expectations for both sides of the ball. We have a strong junior class and a real strong senior class that's been playing together since we were freshmen.

How do you think Clemson will be this fall?
Geohaghan: I haven't really seen those guys in action. On paper, I feel like we can win a national championship in a year or two. With all the talent they've racked up over the last two or three years, the class of '10, '11 and '12.

Have you been keeping up with who all is committing in your class?
Geohaghan: I think Travis Blanks and I will be a very good addition to the secondary for Clemson. Both of us are very physical. I play strong safety and he plays free, and also a little bit of corner. When I watch his film, I see that he gets the guys around him up when there's adversity in their face. I think Zac Brooks is a very good running back. Chad Kelly is great overall, a strong arm and a great leader. Patrick DeStefano [is] just a great lineman and a hard worker, also Jay Guillermo. Germone Hopper is just flat out speed.

Will Martin Aiken join you guys on Sunday?
Geohaghan: It's hard to say. The history in Bamberg, a lot of those guys go to Clemson. It's Clemson country, from Bamberg to Allendale. So hopefully he'll chose the Tigers tomorrow. Top Stories