Lights, camera, action!

CLEMSON - The Clemson quarterbacks have an extra piece of hardware mounted to their helmets during preseason camp.

On the right-side of their hats sits a camera.

Head coach Dabo Swinney said the Tigers debuted helmet-cam when preseason camp opened on Friday.

"It's a fairly new deal. We actually talked about it a few years ago," he said. "They've got it honed in pretty good now. It's great, because you can actually hear what the quarterback's saying when you watch the film. You can pick up what his calls are, his checks, so that's confirmation."

Swinney added that helmet-cam allows him and offensive coordinator Chad Morris to get an accurate read on where exactly the quarterbacks are looking.

"It's like you're in his helmet and you can see where his eyes are," Swinney said.

It's a useful tool for both run and pass plays.

"If he's reading the defensive end, where do his eyes go? It's like you're there," he said. "If he's supposed to be reading that back-side safety or he's supposed to be reading the hot -- his eyes are supposed to be there. You can tell. It's really cool."

Helmet-cam footage does have its drawback, though.

"You can only watch so much of it, because it's going to make you throw-up. It's like being on a roller coaster," Swinney said.

Apparently, Tajh Boyd, Cole Stoudt, Tony McNeal, Donny McElveen and Morgan Roberts have given it positive reviews.

"The players like it. It gives them just one more teaching tool to learn from," Swinney said. Top Stories