ACC Expansion News has scanned the regional news for the latest information on the events surrounding possible ACC Expansion. One thing seems certain at this point: the Miami Hurricanes appear to be close to making the Atlantic Coast Conference a football powerhouse.

ESPN: Miami, BC, Syracuse: ACC's expansion wish list?

"If the ACC lured Miami, the conference likely would expand from nine to 12 schools and host a conference football championship, much like the Big 12 and the Southeastern conferences. Boston College and Syracuse are reportedly the leading candidates to join Miami since those schools would bring large television markets to a conference that currently only has one major media market in Washington, D.C."

News and Observer: Canes Confirm ACC Talks

"Dee told The News-Press of Fort Myers he has spoken with ACC commissioner John Swofford as well as athletics directors in the league. "The status is there are discussions and we're exploring possibilities, but there has been no real invitation or acceptance either way," Dee told the newspaper for Sunday's edition, his first public comments on the issue."

Syracuse Post-Standard: World of Possibility in ACC

"But look at the gorgeous climes we'd inherit in any marriage between the Orangemen and the ACC. If you were a linebacker, where would you rather experience a mid-November affair? In Pittsburgh or Atlanta? If you were a small forward, would you prefer your February flight to land in Newark, N.J., or Tallahassee, Fla.? Heck, if you were a shortstop - and, remember, Syracuse does have a softball team even if it has bailed on baseball - would you choose to swing an April bat in Storrs, Conn., or College Park, Md.?"

CBS Sportsline: Miami Close to Announcing Move to ACC

"With the addition of Miami, the ACC would significantly improve its income because of the Hurricanes' success in football. The ACC has been dominated in football by Florida State since the Seminoles joined the league in 1991. But with the anticipated depth of the conference in coming years, the ACC is expected to have several programs stepping up to major-bowl status."

Durham Herald-Sun: Will the ACC Expand Now... or Never

"Right now, the perception is that the SEC, Big Ten and Big 12 are the power conferences in college football," a high-placed league official said. "Then there's us, the Big East and Conference USA. I'm not saying that's the fact, just that it's the perception nationally. Adding Miami and maybe Syracuse would help put us in the top rank."

High Point Enterprise: ACC Expansion Talks Gaining Steam

"Additional revenue would come from the ACC being able to penetrate the south Florida, Boston and to the edge of the New York City television markets. There's also the likelihood more ACC schools would earn NCAA Tournament berths - and more money - in men's basketball. Because every ACC school divides revenue equally, more money would go to everyone. The ACC already makes more cash, per number of schools, than any conference in the NCAA with approximately $100 million in annual revenue." Top Stories