Brown pulling double duty

CLEMSON - The influx of freshmen wide receivers has Jaron Brown feeling like he's pulling double-duty during preseason camp.

The redshirt junior and the and the rest of the of the veteran Clemson wide receivers lend a helping hand to the freshmen whenever they can.

"We're taking the freshmen under our wings. They ask questions in the meeting room, we tell them right away. They ask questions on the field and we [answer] them," Brown said. "It's almost like we're student coaches, in a way."

Brown isn't threatened by the presence of Martavis Bryant, Adam Humphries, Stanton Seckinger, Charone Peake and Sammy Watkins.

And he doesn't need to use their arrival to Tigertown as motivation.

"I'm kind of a self-motivated type of guy. I have goals. I look at those goals every day. I make smart goals," Brown said. "My job, here, is to just go out there and make a play. I'm still helping the guys, helping the veteran guys and the freshmen guys. It's great."

The competition is tight, too.

"The veteran guys, we're out competing. We go out there and make a play and the freshmen are right there behind us. The walk-ons are going out and making plays," Brown said. "It's just good, healthy competition. Everybody is going out there and making plays.

"It's just going to end up getting us all better as a receiver group."

Heading into summer workouts and preseason camp, Brown, who had 32 receptions for 405 yards and three touchdowns in 2010, targeted a few things he wanted to improve.

"Playing without the ball, that's one of the main goals I had this year, no loafs. That's the main thing that I just want to focus on, playing without the ball...running better on my routes, getting a little bit quicker, in and out of my breaks," he said.

Brown has set specific goals for the season, but wouldn't share how many catches, yards or touchdowns he hopes to rack up in 2011.

"I've got to take it a day at a time. I'm just focusing on the goals right now in camp. I've got to get through these," he said. Top Stories