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With talks of Miami and Syracuse joining the Atlantic Coast Conference, sports media from around the country are taking interest in this story. Follow the latest discussion and possible expansion scenarios right here!

News and Observer: Amato says Bring On the Canes

"Would it make it harder to recruit Miami? I don't think so," Amato said. "It would make it easier. It'd be, 'Son, your mom's going to see you play in the Orange Bowl -- when we come and play them.' We can say we're on the same level. It's hard enough to recruit now, but I think that can be a plus as far as recruiting is concerned."

News and Observer: Hokie Fans Weary of Expansion

"There are a ton of Hokies in the [Virginia] legislature," Moore said. "They have a Hokie Day in the legislature, and they had a picture of all the Tech graduates. There must have been 40 or 50 [legislators]. So we could put some pressure on Virginia [to vote against expansion]."

Charlotte Observer: If ACC Grows, Expect Ripples

"Two other NCAA Division I commissioners said Tranghese would consider disbanding Big East football if Miami, Boston College and Syracuse left for the ACC. The Big East would stay afloat simply for basketball purposes, as it was in 1979-90, the commissioners said on the condition of anonymity."

Charlotte Observer: UM Weighs Merits of Joining ACC

"But a decision appears likely within 30 to 60 days, according to UM officials. One high-level official associated with the program said UM is leaning toward joining the ACC, if a formal invitation is extended and finances and other aspects of the deal meet UM's approval."

Chicago Tribune: Notre Dame AD: Miami Loss Might be Fatal to Big East

"Without Miami, the Big East will probably lose its [Bowl Championship Series] status," Crouthamel said. "That being the case, all of the remaining schools in the Big East will have to reassess their position."

Miami Herald: ACC or Big East: Canes have two distinct options

"In an expanded ACC, UM runs into that extra speed bump known as the conference championship game. Ask schools such as Florida and Oklahoma about it. While UM rests, they are often playing a game that can make or break their seasons. Once you lose your conference title game, the chances of advancing to the national title game are almost nil."

New York Times: Hurricanes Create Stir by Exploring Move to ACC

"We have not been contacted by the A.C.C., so whether we're in the mix or not, we don't know," Syracuse's director of athletics, Jake Crouthamel, said yesterday when asked of his university's interest in switching conferences. "If we are invited, that means that Miami has accepted. And that means that we have to look at everything."

USA Today: Miami, Syracuse, Big East Discussing ACC Move

The ACC has approached Miami informally about membership but made no offer, awaiting a signal that the school is interested in formal talks. Among financial and other considerations: a Big East exit fee of $1 million and an ACC entry fee of $3 million, as well as whether the ACC would be more lucrative.

ESPN: ACC Expansion Makes Dollars and Sense

"Tradition is one thing, but dollars are another."

ESPN: Krzyzewski, Williams against ACC expanding

"Miami is the domino to everything," Krzyzewski said. "When you're in a league and you make a huge decision like that, then you have to be cognizant of the impact of the other aspects. This isn't a single decision, that this will just help football. Does it help football? Is the football championship (with 12 teams) that important that it dilutes something else that you have?"

ESPN: Defections Would Badly Wound Big East

"The Atlantic Coast Conference began to develop a strategic plan for its future more than a year ago, and a central part of the plan involves expansion. The ACC's television contracts with ESPN and ABC will be up shortly. Bringing in a Miami would surely bolster the league's negotiating position, in, given the current economy, what will be a tough market (and no, the guys with the sharp pencils at ESPN didn't ask me to write that)."

ESPN: New League Would Help Some, Hurt Others

"The way Chuck Amato is building NC State's program, this is the one team that just might not be afraid of the Big Bad Big East Trio joining the ACC. NC State has as much speed as anyone in the country and is starting to stockpile athletes the way Miami and FSU do, so this just makes it that much more interesting."

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