Morris looking for more

CLEMSON - Chad Morris has lofty standards, and they weren't quite lived up to on Saturday. The first-year Clemson coordinator was rather disappointed with the offense's showing in the first stadium scrimmage of the preseason.

"We've had good practices over the last few days, really good offensive practices," he said. "I think they came out here full of themselves.

"It wasn't really what I wanted, what coach [Dabo Swinney] wanted, what we were wanting as an offensive staff. It's not nearly what we want."

During the pre-scrimmage meeting with the offensive coaches, Morris told the staff he was looking for two things: fast, physical play.

"I thought we let some of the elements get to us. We got a little soft early on and just kind of was out of rhythm," he said. "Part of that is the first scrimmage. The other part, it's just some of our veteran guys aren't cutting it right now."

Morris was perturbed by "mental" mistakes from older players and turnovers inside the red zone.

But he did curb the tough assessment.

"It's the first scrimmage. I know there's going to be a little knocking the rust off of it," Morris said. "You've got to get into the flow of things. I was expecting us to be a little bit crisper in some areas. We did get a lot stronger as the scrimmage went. We did do some good things."

Big plays were among the positives.

"They had two drives of 70-plus yards on three plays or less, which is great. It's what we want to see out of this offense. We were able to move the football down the field a little bit, running the ball," he said.

The Tigers return to the practice field on Monday for the second two-a-day of preseason camp. Practice is scheduled for every day next week with a second stadium scrimmage set for Saturday.

"There are some really good things happening," Morris said. "We can't give any illusion at all that we've arrived. We haven't done anything yet. We've got to stay bearing down.

"This is the last full week of camp. It's got to be the toughest... whatever we've got to do, it's got to be tough." Top Stories