The blindside

CLEMSON - Life on the blindside is clear as day for Phillip Price, who entered preseason camp as the starter at left tackle.

The former walk-on tight end wants to keep the job, which he's had a hold of since spring practice.

"You can't be in a position like this and not want to succeed. You've got to have goals," Price said. "You've got to want to try to be the best every day. You're going to mess up, because you're going on the other side. You're going to mess up.

"It's just a matter of how you correct those mistakes and missteps. It's that next step that's going to determine how good you're going to be."

Price, moved from tight end to tackle during preseason camp in 2009, believes he's come a long way since the position switch.

"Light years," he said, to be exact. "Just as far as understanding the game, light years. When I first got here, I had no idea, because I was so far down on the depth chart. I was trying to get better. I learned what I could from [Michael] Palmer and them."

Backing up Chris Hairston was one heck of a learning experience.

"Chris, being one of the smartest players I've seen in my life, being behind him, that helped me a ton. That's helped me more than anything," Price said.

The transition of systems from Billy Napier to Chad Morris has been seamless for Price.

"Pass blocking is pass blocking. Run blocking is run blocking. It's no different. We're just [at] a faster pace. It's no different," Price said. "The protections are a lot of the same. We call things differently. That's all it is. We still run the power, the zone, still have five-man, six-man, max-protect. We still have all the same stuff we had before."

His effort remains the same, too.

"It's the same way I approach everyday life. You've got to work. It's constant work," Price said. Top Stories