Monday Dabo Swinney audio

CLEMSON - Head coach Dabo Swinney recaps Saturday's scrimmage and looks ahead to the second and final week of preseason camp.


"We got a lot of out of the film on Saturday. That showed today. The guys that we are really counting on to play well are playing well. The guys we expect to are really progressing nicely. After watching the tape, we've got a group of guys that are going to be role players for us, who are going to do a good job of performing their role. Then, we've got a group of guys, we've got to get something out of them. Right now, they're frustrating us. It was a good tape to learn from. A lot of teaching. It was not a great scrimmage, but a good first start.

"Today, I thought they came out here with a good energy, good enthusiasm. They had good meetings last night. We worked a couple of different situations today. We're starting to hone in a little bit, personnel-wise. We've got the 10 days under our belt, first scrimmage. This is a big week for a lot of guys.

"We'll come back tonight. Tomorrow, we'll have a one-a-day. Wednesday morning, we'll have a situational scrimmage, kind of hit everything, situations, what we want to do live. Then, we'll get dialed in on a few guys. There's a few guys that are going to have to make a move, if they're going to make a move this week." Top Stories