Morris making moves in Texas

After Chad Morris left Lake Travis High School for Tulsa, this 2013 wide receiver moved to the area. And he now has an offer from Clemson.

WR Dannon Cavil Profile

Dannon Cavil, who lived in Memphis, Tenn. as a freshman in high school, attended Lake Travis as a sophomore.

Morris had already left for the offensive coordinator position at Tulsa by the time Cavil arrived.

"He'd stop in sometimes and I'd see him, but I didn't really know him," Cavil told of Morris.

Cavil, now a junior at Madison High School in San Antonio, holds an offer from Baylor.

The Bears extended the offer Saturday, June 12. The Tigers came through that following Monday.

"I was excited [about the Clemson offer]. I was happy for it. Clemson's a good school," he said.

When asked about his interest in Clemson, Cavil said, "I'm striving for everyone to want me. Every offer is a good offer. I'm very happy with the Clemson offer."

He's still learning about the Tigers, but knows a few things.

"C.J. Spiller went there. They have the tradition of walking down the hill and patting the rock," Cavil said.

TCU, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, LSU and Michigan have also expressed interest.

As a sophomore at Lake Travis, Cavil had 27 catches for 565 yards and eight touchdowns. He also rushed for over 100 yards and scored twice on the ground.

This summer, he camped at Texas, SMU and Baylor.

Cavil would like to take several visits in the near future.

"Really, I would like to get on the SEC track," he said. "I'd like to go around the Big 12 and SEC. If there's ever a Big 10 or Pac school, we'll see."

There are three things that will be considered as a decision is reached.

"Where I'm needed and where I'm wanted. That's the most important thing, and then conference," he said. Top Stories