Clemson first for '13 DT

Since picking up an offer from the Tigers, two other schools from the Carolinas have followed suit. A fourth is expected to come on Sunday.

DT Greg Gilmore Profile

South View High School rising junior Greg Gilmore expects to net an N.C. State after his visit on Sunday, joining Clemson, South Carolina and East Carolina.

"I've been talking to coach [Kevin] Steele a lot," Gilmore recently told "I've been calling him. He'd been telling me that he wants me to be a Tiger, he wants me to be a Tiger. I never knew until South Carolina offered...I didn't know Clemson had given me an offer. It felt good, though.

"They both piled on me at once. It was a good feeling to know I'm getting somewhere. It makes me want to work harder."

The 6-foot-4, 285-pound defensive tackle talked about his first four offers:

Clemson: A lot of people have been telling me about Clemson. I've never been there, so all of it is hearsay. I'm hearing about the stadium, how pretty and nice it is up there -- the coaches. I'm hearing a lot of good stuff about Clemson.

South Carolina: I went up there [for the offensive line/defensive line camp]. I talked to them up there. It was a good experience with the coaches. They're more of a family. A lot of players that have graduated and already played come back.

East Carolina: That was my first college that I got an inside look around. It seems like the coaches, they're one big-time family. They seem like one big family. They have a strong bond with each other. They have the best interest in the players. Nice facilities and the dorms are nice. The field, it looks beautiful out there.

N.C. State: One of my friends went up to their camp and said it's really nice up there. I talk to coach [Jim] Bridge all the time...I heard it's real pretty up there, nice facilities. They're a real under the radar team. They have potential.

Right now, there are no favorites.

"Of course, Clemson was the first to offer me, but I don't have any favorites. I'm real open-minded. Every school is really in the hunt," Gilmore said.

A few factors will be considered as he reaches a decision.

"As of right now, I want to major in bio-chemistry. That may change, and I'm pretty sure it will," he said. "I want a team that can take care of me as a d-lineman. I want to be set up personally-wise, class-wise, all that good stuff. I want to get some playing time. I want to experience a lot. I want to feel like I'm part of the team."

As a sophomore, Gilmore had 70 tackles and a sack. Top Stories