Friday Dabo Swinney audio

CLEMSON - Head coach Dabo Swinney talks about Friday's practice and looks ahead to the stadium scrimmage on Saturday.


"Today kind of completes two weeks for us. I'm proud of the way the team's worked. A great majority of the guys have pushed through really well. We've had some guys who've hit a wall. We've kind of had to pull them through the knot hole a little bit. They've all hung in there. We had a little bit of a stomach virus that's gone through us. We've had about 17 guys that have been puking at some point or another. That's been something that we've been dealing with along the way, too.

"It's been two weeks. We've gotten a lot done. We're going to take a little break this afternoon and go spend a little time together as a team, doing some fun stuff together, which we may not get an opportunity a lot. Looking forward to that. We'll come back together and have our last true scrimmage, and really get dialed in on who we're trying to get ready to play against Troy. We're at a point now where we've got to get some guys healed up and start getting their legs under them a little bit. That's what these next few days are about. Looking forward to fan day on [Sunday]. I hope we have a good turnout for that." Top Stories