Offense continues to make gains

CLEMSON - New offensive coordinator Chad Morris was once again pleased with what transpired with his unit Saturday morning.

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What were your overall thoughts on the offense in today's scrimmage?
Morris: Thought we had a good productive scrimmage. We had some guys show improvement from the backup roles. Continue to be impressed. We continue to do some really good things. We are getting better. You can sense it every single day. You can sense it every practice. We still have to continue to work on being physical but we are taking huge strides in getting there.

Who were some of those second team guys that stood out today?
Morris: Without looking at the film, Adam Humphries may a few plays today. Some of our running backs - D.J. [Howard] made some plays. Hot Rod [McDowell] made some plays today. I was pleased to see that.

"We still have to continue to work on being physical but we are taking huge strides in getting there."

Who were some of your second-team linemen that stood out?
Morris: Mason Cloy had to step in, in place of Antoine [McClain] today. (McClain was a funeral.) Haven't watched film but I thought he did a really good job in that kind of role. It appears he did well. The offensive line has continued to get better. We have to continue to have that.

Are you surprised with the emergence of Sammy Watkins?
Morris: Am I surprised with Sammy? No, not really. That's why we recruited him. These guys have recruited him for three years. Sammy is doing a great job. He couldn't go today but he'll be ready to go for Monday. Sammy is doing a good job. It's not just Sammy, we have a lot of guys up front who are stepping up.

Are you comfortable with the pace the guys are showing in this new system at this point?
Morris: No question. I think our tempo is really good right now. They are understanding it and practicing fast. They are playing fast. Once they get their legs back underneath them they will be even faster. We've strained them kind of hard the last couple of weeks which we needed to. We've been on them hard. Their legs are kind of wobbly right now but that's part of camp. We are coming to the end of camp, so it's are job as a coaching staff to reel them back in and get them fresh for two weeks from today.

Because of how unorthodox your offense is do you expect opposing defenses to throw some junk looks at you to try and confuse Tajh Boyd? Is he ready for that?
Morris: That's one of the great things about what we do. Offensively it's such a fast pace. You don't see that. You get people playing their base stuff and being just as generic as they possibly can because of the tempo and pace we play at. So, is Tajh ready for that? We go against our defense every day and coach Steele and those guys throw everything at us. I can't envision anybody doing anymore than what our defense does to us. Our guys are picking that up and doing really well with that. Am I pleased where Tajh is at this point? Absolutely. Top Stories