CLEMSON - Andre Ellington can't hardly wait for Saturday, the 2011 season opener against Troy.

Who could blame him?

Ellington went down with a foot injury in the fourth quarter against Boston College last October. Aside from a handful of plays against South Carolina, he missed the final four games of the 2010 season.

His surgery was in December, and rehab lasted from the winter through the spring. Ellington didn't even start running on hard ground until midway through spring practice.

Now, it's all over: the rehab, the dog days of summer, two-a-days and preseason camp.

Game day is just days away. And needless to say, Ellington can't wait.

"I'm starting to have a little trouble sleeping at night because I can't wait for Saturday to get here," he said. "It's just a couple of days I have to go through. I'm just preparing myself the best way I can for Saturday."

Hard to believe it's already September.

"It's getting close," Ellington said. "I realized, waiting through the summer, that it was so far away. Now, it's kind of close. It's just a couple of days until that game day.

"It's more, now, I can't really wait for it, more than anything."

The time on the sideline reminded Ellington just how much the game means to him.

"You can't take anything for granted...I just wanted to go out there and play with my friends and teammates," he said. "It was tough. I had to overcome that situation."

And, after his first carry on Saturday, Ellington can finally start putting the questions to bed.

He couldn't imagine a better way to do so than with a repeat of his first carry in 2010, a 60-yard touchdown run against North Texas.

"That's all I can think about," Ellington said. "Having that first carry as a touchdown last year, I want to challenge myself to get another one this year. The guys are doing a great job of helping me accomplish that goal. All I want to do is just hit the hole and score." Top Stories