Plenty of passion

CLEMSON - Rennie Moore is a spirited guy. During preseason camp in August, emotions got the best of him, and he was asked to leave a practice.

Earlier this week, the fifth-year senior defensive tackle wouldn't go into detail about what happened or what was said, but he did talk about the incident.

"It was heat of the moment," Moore said. "My father was actually out there at practice. I didn't even know. He got me back in order real straight."

He sat out scrimmage and served an disclosed punishment.

"I had to get a little break off session. It was nothing serious," Moore said. "You've got to know who's on top and who's on the bottom."

He added, "You're out there, 90-something degree weather, hitting. The confidence is going and I probably said some things I shouldn't say. It's football."

Moore, who said he's "passionate" about the game, will be asked to bring that intensity to the field on Saturdays this fall. With all the departures from the Clemson defensive line, he'll be a jack of all trades when it comes to the intangibles.

Leadership, intensity, high effort -- all those things that former Tiger linemen Jarvis Jeknins, Da'Quan Bowers and Miguel Chavis brought to the table.

One of Moore's greatest qualities is the energy.

"That's something I love to do," he said. "I love the game. You should have fun out there. It sticks to people. If you have fun, somebody else is going to have fun. It's going to keep jumping to people, all the energy."

Moore's ready to put Clemson back in the national focus after spending most of the summer under the radar.

Not that it's necessarily been a bad thing.

"That's alright. I don't mind standing in the shadows," he said. "When it's game time, they're going to see. We put in work. Everybody's been doing their job.

"We're coming together as a team. It's going to be scary for some teams."

Up first on the radar is Troy.

"I'm ready to play, to get this thing going, get in progress, start stepping up and start getting it," Moore said. Top Stories