Thursday Dabo Swinney audio

CLEMSON - Dabo Swinney provides an update on Rashard Hall and looks ahead to Saturday's game against Wofford.


How's it been this week?
Swinney: It's been a good week. There's nothing like winning, what winning breeds. The biggest thing this week is trying to teach them what a normal week's all about. Last week wasn't really a normal week, because we'd been preparing for a long time for one opponent. We were trying to get their legs back. This week is truly a normal week. Tuesday and Wednesday, you've got to bump and grind. It's got to be physical. This week's been trending toward that. You've got three days to really get your plan in for the opponent. It's not like you've been seeing them for two weeks, or something like that. That's been different.

The energy's been good. I just have challenged them to get better this week, correct the mistakes form last week. Don't make the same ones. Let's see if we can go be more physical, like I want us to be, in all phases -- not that we were bad. We've got to get to another level, if we're going to keep getting better. We'll see what we do on Saturday.

You've got a mix of veterans who want to improve from last year, and some freshmen who are inexperienced.
Swinney: It's an interesting team. We've got a nice mix. With youth comes enthusiasm, energy and competition. It's been really good. Our veteran guys have done a great job. They really have shown good leadership, really all summer, all spring. It's carried right over into fall camp. We had great leadership Saturday, in our first game. We have to have that, especially when we have as many young players as we have. They have to have great leadership. It's been interesting to watch that dynamic develop between. Talent-wise, there's not much different between them. There's a big difference between experience and knowledge, all that stuff. It's been watch to all that blend, come together. We've got a good chemistry. Hopefully, we can take another step. That's what we're planning to do.

You mentioned that you were going to hold Eric MacLain, are there any freshman who are on the bubble?
Swinney: [Ryan] Norton is a guy that we're continuing to get ready to play. He may end up playing. We don't just want to throw him out there, to throw him out there. We want to have him ready to play him, if we need to. We're not going to just play him, because we want to. We've got a good plan in place there. That's going to really be based on the health of our veterans. We're kind of treating him a little bit like we did Andre Ellington a few years ago. He's travelling with us, we're getting him ready, probably for these first five games. Then, we'll make a decision. He could play. Top Stories