Clemson 35 Wofford 27 Quoteboard

CLEMSON - Even with defending national champion Auburn looming in seven days, Dabo Swinney firmly defended his team when questioned about looking past Wofford.

In Saturday's 35-27 win over Wofford, Clemson didn't lead until 7:54 were left in the third quarter.

The Tigers didn't look back and squeaked out a win over the Terriers, to improve to 2-0.

"It sounds sexy, I guess, to say we're looking ahead. We ain't good enough to look ahead against nobody," Swinney said. "We had guys that played hard. They came back and won the game. If they were looking ahead, they would have got their butts beat. That's for sure. They found a way to win.

"We had some guys that made some critical mistakes that really cost us and put us in a hole. That's not a team you want to get in a hole on. They can move the ball against anybody. Them guys can move the ball on anybody. They know what they're doing."

The tenacious Terriers...
"Knowing Mike Ayers, having been around the program when I was with the Panthers and they were over there working out. You saw them practice, visited with their coaches. They're well-coached, they play hard. They're a bunch of fighters. There's a reason that they're successful at what they do." - Kevin Steele

"I told Mike Ayers I was going to have him investigated. There ain't no way they can teach all that in 20 hours, in one week. Ain't no way. He said, 'Well, we do it in 16.' Anyway, I love coach Ayers. He is a class, class act. I told him at the end of the game, I wasn't surprised at all." - Swinney

"They played real good. Their scheme, that scheme is very deadly, if you know how to use it. They did a great job. Big props to them -- very big. Their o-line did good. Their quarterback was great. Everything they had on point. We just had to come seal the deal at the end." - Rennie Moore

"I was proud of our team, the way that they just fought their tails off. They didn't give up. Even when we had bad field position sometimes, we were able to overcome." - Ayers

Open on the o-line...
"We've got to find that right combination, that right group of guys. Every job's open." - Chad Morris

"We were able to rush the ball OK today, and that was good. We didn't pass protect well and that was disappointing."

"Saturday isn't the time to earn playing time. You earn it through the course of the week. The problem is, sometimes we want it more than some of those guys do up front, or on the edge, or in the backfield -- whatever. We as coaches, that's why we're in this business.

"We've got to continue to push these guys...nobody's sitting here panicking by no means. When you step on the field, you've got to have a mindset that you're the baddest group on the field. Right now, we don't have that when we step out on the field." - Morris

Steele speaks...
"We're going to have to do something. I guess we're going to have to start scrimmaging every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, to make sure we don't miss tackles. Too many missed tackles." - Steele

"I don't know that I've ever been in a game where I saw two passes completed for 127 yards. I don't know that I've been in a game where I've seen two guys that wide-open." - Steele

"On one of [the completions], the guy took his eyes of him. That's what happened. The other one -- it was only two passes completed, all the safety's got to do is wrap him up, and we're playing ball again. No, he wants to make the ESPN highlight film and didn't wrap the guy up. Now we're chasing him 30, 40 more yards.

"That's what happens when you get all those highlight films -- shots on the highlights. Everybody wants to be on the highlight film. How about just tackle the guy and play the next play. Wrap up." - Steele
"If they're not riding the bus home, they can ride that fullback's back on that trap. We had to make some adjustments on that trap. They got some big, huge splits. We had to do some adjusting there at halftime to get that trap fixed. We got that worked out." - Steele

165 yards for 23...
"We've got to keep drives going and Andre did a lot of that today. Maybe it's not 20, 30 yards, like we're used to. Maybe it's six, seven yards. To keep these drives going, that's the biggest thing we've got to do. It's great working with him." - Tajh Boyd

"It's going to take a little time to get rolling like I want to get. I'm proud of our offense today. We all stuck together and communicated well, just executed the way we know how." - Andre Ellington

"I thought you could see that he was in better shape today. The longer that he went, the more it seemed like he got a little stronger, especially right there at the end." - Morris

"I really wanted to rest him today, but Wofford played us so tough. We had to play him. He had a very solid day and that's very positive for us." - Swinney Top Stories