10 questions with Andre Ellington

CLEMSON - Andre Ellington reflects on his stellar performance last year against Auburn and looks ahead to Saturday in this report.


Does it feel good to have a game like you had last week, Andre, almost a career high and a career long rush in your back pocket at the same time?
Ellington: It felt really good, just to get back out there with my teammates, just execute how we did. We didn't do too well in the first half, but in the second half we did what were capable of doing.

You had a very big game last year against Auburn. What do you remember about that game and why were you so successful?
Ellington: The guys up front made me have the type of game that I had. Hopefully they'll go into this week and prepare the way did last year for those guys.

What was it like when you guys walked off the field down there knowing you could have won that game, should have won that game, and it didn't happen? Can you take me back a year ago?
Ellington: It was heartbreaking more than anything. We felt like we should have won that game, but some things didn't go our way. We felt like we prepared well enough just to win that game, but like I said things didn't go our way.

You're coming off a ball game where you just went for 160+ yards. You had some good holes to run through. Do you feel like the offensive line is playing physically enough from down there on the ground, from behind them? Do you sense that maybe they could be a little more physical?
Ellington: Those guys are working. It's a new offense they got to get accustomed to it. A lot of the blocking schemes are a little different from what they know in the past. I see them progressing each and every week, just getting better.

When you look at this game last year, do you see it as a turning point for your guys' season considering how close you were, and what happened after that and what Auburn wound up doing?
Ellington: It seems that the game made or break our season. It's just one those games that you wish you could go back and change some things.

It seems that the game made or break our season. It's just one those games that you wish you could go back and change some things. (Roy Philpott)
Is this a want to beat an SEC team type of thing? That league tends to get a lot of hype. Is that a motivator for this weekend?
Ellington: Not at all. The SEC is not a team, they're just a conference. Auburn is the team. We are going to focus on Clemson and do what we do.

How has the offense been for your running? Obviously you've had some pretty nice plays so far. Do you feel as comfortable in at as you did last year? In overcoming the injury, do you feel 100 percent?
Ellington: I do. We go a lot of things we are going to try to do this week. We are going to prepare for a great game Saturday.

What do you expect of the atmosphere Saturday? Obviously the defending national champions are coming in town. You would think the fans would be pretty ready to go from the get-go.
Ellington: Our fans will be jacked up. We keep a good fan base around here. For a big game like this, they'll be ready. Hopefully e can go out there and do what do to keep them happy.

Is that a big factor for players, and a guy like yourself playing running back, that you have the fans and the home crowd behind you?
Ellington: It is. They keep us motivated. They give us someone to play for. Not to just play for our teammates, but to play for our fans.

Do you believe a win like Auburn's last year and maybe yours against Miami in 2009 can really build momentum and really give a team the lead and that sort of thing going forward?
Ellington: The win against Miami kind of took us over the edge and prepared us for a great season that we had. Last year, the loss kind of made us down. From that loss, we didn't have a great season that we wanted to. Hopefully we'll get the win and just go from there.

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