Clemson 38 Auburn 24 Quoteboard

CLEMSON - Conference pride was on full display at the tail end of the 38-24 win over defending SEC/national champion Auburn.

Chants of 'ACC' echoed through Death Valley as Tajh Boyd and the Clemson offense kneeled the final two snaps of the game.

Dabo Swinney proudly shared his conference allegiance after the Tigers' win on Saturday.

"I'm pulling for Florida State tonight. I want to see our conference do well," he said, referring to Florida State's meeting with No. 1 Oklahoma. "I think that will be a great matchup, two division, undefeated teams next week here in the valley. Hopefully, they can get it done tonight."

A Florida State win could potentially setup an appearance by ESPN's College Game Day an¬d a nationally televised, primetime showdown in Death Valley.

Regardless of the Seminoles' result, Swinney said the Tigers must continue to look out for No. 1.

"We've just got to stay focused on our process. That's really what it's about, one game at a time," he said.

Avenging last year's heart-breaker...
"It's one that will be talked about for a long time amongst the players and the fans across the nation. It builds a lot of momentum going into next week against Florida State. It builds momentum from here on out. We've got what it takes. We've got the team, the players that it takes to win games." - Corico Hawkins

"Last year, I played a couple of snaps, not that much. The guys that played the whole game last year, they felt the pain of how it felt to leave that stadium with a loss. They're a pretty good team. We're a good team, too. Both teams played hard. We just came out victorious." - DeAndre Hopkins

"It was an exciting was great, couldn't come at a better time, against a better opponent." - Hawkins

Down 14-0 after a quarter...
"This offense is one of those offenses where you're never out of a situation. We can come back from any type of situation and just keep working .That's one thing that's great with a veteran team as well. Those guys have been in a situation like that. Coach stresses to us to keep pushing and keep pushing. Things are going to break." - Tajh Boyd

"We never stopped believing. We knew it was going to be a four-quarter ballgame. We knew it was going to be a dog fight. We kept going and we knew the defense was going to stop them." - Dalton Freeman

Sammy Watkins - 10 catches for 155 yards and two touchdowns...
"You might want to check his birth certificate, check some records overseas or something. That guy, through and through, you just talk about his play. You should see him off the field, the way he carries himself. He is a man." - Dwayne Allen

"I want to thank our coaches for giving me a chance to play...I wasn't really thinking about records, I was just focusing on beating Auburn. I kept thinking, 'We have to beat them.' I wasn't thinking about touchdowns. I wasn't thinking about yards. I was just thinking, 'We have to beat Auburn.'" - Watkins

"Sammy Watkins, shoot, this guy, he's from another planet." - Swinney

Three games, no second half touchdowns allowed...

"That's players. We make adjustments. We don't just stand [at halftime] and say play harder. We make adjustments and they go execute them. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter, it comes down to players making plays. We had guys make plays when they needed to make plays today." - Kevin Steele

"It's just us. Coach Steele tells us what we need to correct and we go out there and do what we're supposed to do -- our job and correct them. Period, point blank, man. I'm proud of my defense. I'm proud of my defense and I'm proud of my offense. We played as a team and I think we showed a lot today." - Rennie Moore

Efficiency on third-down, 14 of 18, 10-straight converted efficient...
"Our coaches called the right plays. They put us in position to win. They put us in position to make the right plays. They make us work hard in practice Monday through Friday, but on Saturdays, it's on us to make plays and win the game." - Watkins

"It's just believing and buying in and finding the open guy, not trying to push the ball, not trying to stress something or not trying to play outside of your athletic ability. That's what I keep telling Tajh, just keep playing within your ability." - Chad Morris Top Stories