For Freeman, it's personal

CLEMSON - All the talk about the lack of toughness got personal for Dalton Freeman and the Clemson offensive line.

Two weeks of it was more than enough.

"We tried not to buy into it too much -- obviously you hear it," Freeman said. "It bothers you, but if it doesn't bother you, there's something wrong with you. We're all competitors. We came to this school to compete.

"That was a great opportunity for us to go out there and put our mark on it, and just continue to get better."

Their mark was all over the fourth quarter.

Twenty-six plays, 12:29 and 135 yards in Clemson's 38-24 win over Auburn.

Following a Coty Sensabaugh interception with 9:34 left in the fourth quarter, the ACC Tigers began what would be the game's final drive at their own 5-yard-line. It ended in the victory formation on the opposing 22.

The drive lasted 18 plays, 73 yards and six first-downs later, and it was game over.

"As an offensive lineman, you love that, being able to put the game on your back, knowing we've got to get three, four or five first-downs, eat up the clock and win the ball game," Freeman said. "We don't get a lot of credit, but I think everybody knows, in a situation like, where it comes from. It's just a lot of fun for us to go out there and help our team."

Saturday's final drive ranked right up there in the experiences Freeman's had during his Clemson career.

"That was awesome, especially in the Auburn game and how much it meant to our fans and this program, to be able to go out there and win that one. It was very special," he said.

Another tough test lies ahead for Freeman and the rest of the interior linemen this weekend when No. 11 Florida State comes to town.

"They're very athletic. When you turn on the film, it's not typical defensive tackles. You see athletes playing defensive tackle," Freeman said.

Not many big space eaters occupying the middle of the Seminole defensive line.

"They don't have anybody that's kind of a sloppy, typical, what you would think of as a defensive tackle," he said. Top Stories