ACC teleconference transcript

Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney talks about the game against No. 11 Florida State during Wednesday's ACC teleconference.

The following is an edited transcript of Swinney's portion of the teleconference.

Have you figured out who was mad at you at the ACC office or within your own athletic department for this stretch of Auburn, Florida State and Virginia Tech?
Swinney: I don't know. You've got to take it as it comes. Nothing is easy. There's no shortcuts. If you want to be the best, you've got to go beat the best. We certainly have a schedule that gives us this opportunity. That's how we looked at it. When it came out this spring, that's what I told the team. We've got a schedule of champions. Let's embrace it. Let's look at it as an opportunity, as opposed to an insurmountable challenge. It's a tough road, for sure. We're just taking it one day at a time, one game at a time, trying to play each play the very best we can. When it's all said and done, look up and see what the results are.

When you look at Florida State on film, do they look better than Auburn in any certain area?
Swinney: Yeah, I think they're a better football team than Auburn this year. Auburn is a very talented team. They've got a lot of young players. I think they will continue to get better and better as the season goes. They're going to win some games, but Florida State, they're a legitimate top-10 team. I know they slipped out of the top-10 this week, because they played the No. 1 team and got beat. They match up physically and present a lot of problems with their athleticism, their speed. They play hard. Talent is not a problem with those guys, that's for sure. We've got, by far, our toughest task.

What was your biggest improvement in the Auburn game?
Swinney: I think, offensively, we played our most physical game. That was probably our biggest improvement. We knew we were going to have to get better. We did a great job with our protection. Again, we're continuing to be a dominant second half team. I just felt like we played a little bit more of a complete game last week than the first two. It's not anywhere close to where we need to be. We're making progress. Special teams were good last week. That's one of the things that I think are going to be critical this week -- special teams. That's what it came down to last year and they got the better end of it.

How tough can it be to prepare for a team when they've got a quarterback controversy going on?
Swinney: We just have to prepare for Florida State, what they do, what they've done. The biggest difference is, they really like to run Manuel. If he doesn't play, it's probably going to change a little bit, as far as how they call the game. They're probably just going to do a little bit more of something else that's already within their package. We're just preparing for everything that we've seen and then we'll have to make adjustments as we get into the game, depending on what direction it's going. Top Stories