Clemson 35 FSU 30 Quoteboard

CLEMSON - Now one-third of the way into his first season as the offensive coordinator at Clemson, Chad Morris is pleasantly surprised.

Against the nation's No. 5 ranked defense, Clemson racked up 35 points and 455 yards of total offense on 86 plays.

Quarterback Tajh Boyd completed 23 of 37 passes for 344 yards and three touchdowns. Wide receiver Sammy Watkins caught eight passes for 141 yards and two scores. With a banged up hamstring, Andre Ellington toted the ball 23 times for 71 yards and a score.

As a team, the Tigers have accumulated 2,023 yards and scored 13 touchdowns through the air and eight on the ground.

"Four games into this offense, to see where we are at this stage, I would have never told you we'd be executing at this level right now," Morris said.

Rennie Moore seals it with a sack...
"It's special. I've got a little bragging rights when I go home. That's just big." - Moore

"It was an opposite call. I just kind of went out and came in. I came in, those boys flushed him to me. All credit to my d-line. I just finished the job right there." - Moore

Swinney's fourth-down call...
"I tried to put a nail in the coffin at the end of the game. I'd do it 50 times again, because I've got confidence in our defense, and I want to show confidence in our defense. First of all, we've got to make it. We had a good call and we didn't get it. I felt like our defense could hold." - Swinney

"Whenever we need a yard, we have to be able to call, whatever play it is, whatever formation, we get a yard. That's one thing I'm going to really stress on the guys next week in practice." - Dwayne Allen

Watkins at it again...
"It's not hard to stay humble because I really don't like the limelight. I like to stay low key and to just play my game." -Watkins

"When you've got guys like that out there, you've just got to put the ball in their hands." - Boyd

"I read somewhere in the papers that Sammy wasn't going to be a factor. He goes out and still has a 140-plus game." - Allen

"He's got the speed and it's great to know we're going to have that type of player on the field for three more years." - Boyd

Boyd's pick-6...
"I just said, 'You're doing what you're coached to do. You're trying to throw the ball away, you're falling down.' The ball slips out of his hands. What do you do? You live with those things. You wish he would have just went down and take the sack. He didn't. With a young player, you have to live with some of those things, at times." - Morris

"I've got a lot of people on my side. Coach, one of the most important things, he came to me -- coach Swinney was like, 'You know what? Forget it. We're going to go out here and score.' They've got confidence in me. If people have confidence in you, you get confident. You feed off of those guys' energy." - Boyd

"If you're in a situation like that, you've just got to eat. It's a learning experience." - Boyd

Responding to adversity...
"That's just another game where we showed we came back and won...last year they beat us. It's good to get revenge." - Moore

"You're starting to see the character in the guys and how they respond to adverse situations. It's a really young team. At the same time, you can see the future, and it should be bright. We've just got to keep working." - Boyd

Favored, but still the underdog...
"I hope it doesn't [silence the critics]. All that does is fuel us. Critics can say what they want. That doesn't matter. All that matters is how we feel -- those 115 guys, plus the coaches and assistants in that room." - Allen

"We were watching ESPN this morning and all three people were like, [Clemson] isn't going to win the game. We feed off of that. At the same time, that's where our hunger comes from." - Boyd

Up next: Virginia Tech...
"For me and Andre Branch, it's like a homecoming. We're the only guys from Virginia on the team. It should be exciting. It's a night game, widely televised. We've got to take advantage of this situation." - Boyd

"It's done now. The win, it's done. Now, it's on to Virginia Tech. You can't get complacent. We've got to keep working." - Moore Top Stories