1-on-1 with Sammy Watkins

CLEMSON - Anna Hickey catches up with Sammy Watkins after another incredible performance.

CUTigers caught up with Sammy Watkins to get his thoughts on another impressive performance (8 catches for 141 yards and 2 touchdowns) Saturday against Florida State:

Being from Florida, what does this win against Florida State mean to you?
Watkins: It was great, but I take every win as the same. But, I love to beat Florida State because they were recruiting me a little bit, and they were acting kind of saucy. They are a great team, and we just came ready to play and executed real well to win.

C.J. Spiller tweeted during the game that you might go down in history as one of Clemson's greatest players. How much do you look up to him?
Watkins: I look up to him a lot. Before I was coming here, he talked to me about Clemson about life outside of football. He talked about the family here and the great academics. We talked about track and who was faster. He's a great athlete. He'll text Coach Scott and say something real slick.

Sammy Watkins leads Clemson with 29 catches for 433 yards and six touchdowns. (Roy Philpott)
When you run those deep routes and Boyd throws to you, do you know you're getting the ball before the snap?
Watkins: Oh most definitely. That third down and six, I really called the play. I told Coach to call it, and just believe me if I don't make it, I won't say anything to you (Coach) anymore.

Was there a lot of trash- talking going on out there today?
Watkins: Oh yeah, I wasn't listening to it. They were talking crazy- Florida this, Florida that.

What were they saying to you?
Watkins: They were telling me, "You ain't running out." I was like, "It's 5 yards inside, I'm not going to take it out so you can hit me."

How will you get ready for next week's road test in Blacksburg?
Watkins: Work hard in practice this week and stay humble. This win is behind us.

Will it be any different for you playing your first game not in Death Valley?
Watkins: It will be so crazy with their crowd yelling at us, but I think I'll get used to it.

Is it difficult to stay humble with so much early success that you've had?
Watkins: Not really, I just don't really like the limelight, so I just stay low-key.

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