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CLEMSON - Virginia Tech running back David Wilson leads all Hokie runners with 516 yards rushing.


That mark, a school record since through four games in the ACC era, is sixth-highest in the country.

As a team, the Hokies have run for an average of 211.75 yards per game this season, which is 30th in the country.

"Virginia Tech, traditionally, is one of the better running teams in this part of the country," said Clemson defensive coordinator Kevin Steele. "When you say Alabama, LSU, Virginia Tech -- you probably just named three of the better traditional running, non-option running teams, year in and year out.

"We've got our hands full, in that regard."

That attack starts with Wilson, who's averaged 5.7 yards per carry and 12.8 yards per reception during his three-year career.

He's also a standout on the track.

Wilson finished sixth in the triple jump at the 2011 NCAA Outdoor National Championships, to earn All-America honors.

"You better lace your shoes up. Because, if you don't, you'll look down and you won't have any shoes on," Steele said. "He'll bring you out of your shoes. He's that good a runner."

Wilson's backup, Josh Oglesby, has rushed for 174 yards and five touchdowns.

"They just reload. One finishes up, they bring another one in and you can't tell the difference. They've got two that are pretty talented," Steele said.

The Virginia Tech quarterback isn't too shabby either.

Logan Thomas, all 6-foot-6, 254 pounds of him, has completed 60 of 105 passes for 761 yards and four touchdowns has rushed for 122 yards and a touchdown.

Steele expects to see the redshirt sophomore signal caller to make plays with his feet, but he's not certain to the extent.

"It depends on what game you watch. If you watch the East Carolina game, you saw four, five or six plays where it was Cam Newton-type run plays," he said. "Then, you watch the last game, and that was not a factor. It was more traditional, pro-style, give it to the tailback, play-action pass and then throw the ball from traditional, pro-style passing game, so you don't know which one you're going to get.

"He's capable on the run. He's big and strong. They're not lining up and running him six, eight, nine times a game in that stretch read-type stuff. Will we see it? Yes, we'll probably see that type stuff. Will we stop it? Will they keep running it? We'll see."

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