Allen gaining confidence

CLEMSON - CUTigers checks in with a guy who could hold the key to pulling out a Clemson win Saturday night in tight end Dwaye Allen.

Allen, who has seen more balls thrown his way this year in the new offense under Chad Morris, has also emerged as a leader for the Tigers.

Earlier this week, CUTigers was part of a small group of media that caught up with Clemson's star tight end to get his thoughts on the Hokies:

I would imagine the confidence level of your offense is pretty high given what we've seen in the four games few games, especially in the last game.
Allen: It has definitely risen week by week, but we still have a lot to improve on. There are still a lot of areas that we are ok at, but we can be better if we get the little things corrected.

What's your number one concern, what do you have to get better at first and foremost?
Allen: Running the ball. Tajh is doing a great job passing the ball, imagine if we were able to run the ball a little better and the passing attack that would come from that. It's all about technique, getting our feet in the ground, working our hands in high placement. I'm sure that's what Coach is going to stress this week.

Running the ball would not seem to be something that would come easy this week against Virginia Tech. They're number two in the country stopping the run thus far in the season. What have you seen of that team on film so far?
Allen: The traditional Virginia Tech team. Those guys are a lot better this year than they have been in years past. They have one of the top secondaries in the nation and young linebackers, but very proven linebackers. Their defensive ends are young, but very active guys. They lead the league in sacks right now. Their interior guys are thick guys who get after it. They're a very good team, and it's going to be a challenge not only getting ready for them this week, but also going into Lane Stadium on the road and dealing with that crowd noise.

Does that get you hyped up as a player, playing on the road where you've got guys talking about your team, your uniforms, and as Dabo said maybe even your mama? How does that get you hyped up?
Allen: We're just ready to play whenever when we get called on, whether it be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Fortunately we have Saturdays to play on. We come out and we're ready to play. We have a long week of preparation ahead of us. They do a lot of things that are not traditional and run an unorthodox style of defense that we haven't been used to and haven't seen so far. Preparation this week is going to be key along with technique.

Dwayne Allen is third on the team in receptions through four games with 14 catches for 216 yards and three touchdowns. (Roy Philpott)
Landon Walker was saying he actually likes when the fans call him fat and other things. How do you feel about that?
Allen: I don't even hear the crowd when we play. Whenever we sit down on the bench, I just kind of tune them out and don't even listen to it.

Are you at all worried about a "let down" factor? Frequently in college football, you come off of two big victories and people are starting to believe in you and the nation is starting to talk about you. Do you worry about a little bit of a letdown?
Allen: I don't at all. That letdown factor that you speak of is negativity. I don't allow myself to think of negative things like that. I focus on how we just had two big wins and what could from another big win.

What could come from another win?
Allen: Just a boost of confidence. Confidence going into the next week's game against another conference opponent at home, a team we've had difficulty playing against in Boston College. But I'm concentrating on Virginia Tech, they're another team that we haven't had any success against recently. It's going to be a big task on our hands this weekend.

Do you look at this game to prove yourself nationally? You're 4-0 and ranked 13th, but is this the game you prove yourself to the rest of the country?
Allen: We're not in the proving business, we're just into winning games. We're not out to prove anything to anyone. We're confident in the guys that we have on the team. We don't have anything to prove to anyone else. Top Stories