Tigers wrap up Virginia Tech prep

CLEMSON - Head coach Dabo Swinney updates the statuses of DeAndre Hopkins, Dawson Zimmerman, D.J. Howard and looks ahead to Saturday's game at Virginia Tech.


Injury update...
Swinney: Dawson [Zimmerman] looked great today. I feel really good about him. Nuke [Hopkins], not quite 100 percent, he's probable. Not quite 100 percent, but, in 48 more hours, I think he's going to be able to play. He thinks he's going to be able to play. He's not quite 100 percent, but he moved around pretty good. I'd say he's about where Ellington was that first week, going into last week. D.J.[Howard] will play. He's looked good. He's ready to go. Mansa Joseph is the only one that's out. The rest of them are going to be able to go.

Starting at left guard...
Swinney: Thomas is going to start. [Mason] Cloy's still battling a little ding, but he's going to be available. Same thing with David Smith. He's had a pretty good week, too. It looks like he's starting to get back as well.

Is Thomas starting more about how he's practiced or more about David still trying to come back?
Swinney: A combination of everything. David is still working back, but Thomas is practicing good. He's earned the right to start this week.

How has preparation been this week? Have you been able to get these guys focused?
Swinney: It's been a good week. Today was a really good Thursday, a very focused Thursday. Everybody understands and has a sense of urgency of what it's going to take, to have a chance to win. It's going to be a tall order. Everybody is excited about something different. We're going to find out a little bit more about them this week.

Who's played quarterback on scout team as Logan Thomas?
Swinney: We used Tony [McNeal] and Morgan Roberts.

How did the offense react to the crowd noise out there?
Swinney: It's real loud. You can't hardly hear yourself out there. It's probably a little bit overkill, but we were trying to make it that way, just to see how they respond. They did a good job. We're not a huddle team. From that standpoint, it's not a major issue, like it would be for some teams that have to call everything in the huddle. The biggest challenge is your snap and the ball, timing some things up. That kind of stuff. We've worked it every day -- Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Special teams, as well. Punt team is one that you really have to be dialed in, from a noise factor. Guys have handled it well.

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